How to Tell If you’re Going to Be Attacked (before it’s too late)

How to Tell If you’re Going to Be Attacked (before it’s too late)

Action is faster than reaction and in the real world, split seconds count and standing there, waiting for him to “throw the first punch” against a real dangerous person is a HUGE mistake.

Well in this episode of the Kill or Be killed Webinar we’re going to tell you exactly what you should look for and what you need to do in order to react in time BEFORE its too late…and it’s 100% legal and within your right to do it.


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  1. Great webinar Damian. This material is very important and unfortunately seldom covered properly. Awareness should ALWAYS be the very first step when it comes to self defense.

  2. I did have a question from Rob who wanted to explain this tactic to his family (without making them listen to the 20 minute webinar – and I can’t blame them).

    The answer is simple – teach them the golden rule.

    Make sure your threat is far enough away from you where they have to take a step to touch you.

    By managing your distance, you’ll be able to tell their intentions.

    You can see the practice drills and instruction for this in SDTS Module 1 Position and Distance.

    The SDTS > https://damianr.clickfunnels.com/self-defense-training-system-7-day-trial

  3. Distance, this is something, no one is teaching, and now i can see that
    this is very important, to remember.
    Damian, and George, THANK YOU, naseef

  4. Right – in fact it’s the MOST important. in order for someone to impose their will on you they must get close you…PERIOD. Yet “experts” will always ignore it and go right to the attack.

    You need to have the RED LIGHT go off before he gets close.

  5. Your training is excellent…but it is a pain to put up with your language (but that’s me and in this context, I know it is so easy to rationalize my feeling about this issue…)

    1. Hey Mark, I understand – but I’m passionate about this and well – I speak what I feel brother.

  6. Hey Damian and George, great webinar. I just had a meet and greet a couple of weeks ago with some young men in their early to mid-twenties. As always we discuss what their training goals are. I do this to see if they have come to the right place to train. I’ve learned that many people mistake self-defense for learning how to fight which are two different things. Sure enough during Q and A’s one of the young men asked how long it would be before he could fight people bigger than him and how long it would be before he would learn to knock someone out. This kind of questions is exactly why I have meet and greets before I take folks as students.
    I told the young man I could teach him that in under a minute he said really, I said sure, just find a guy bigger than you and spit in his face that will handle your first question. For your second question get a hammer sneak up behind someone and crack them in the head really hard and you’re done. So now if you want to learn to fight and knock people out you may not be at the right place.
    If you want to learn self-defense my number one goal is to teach you how to avoid fighting my second goal will be to teach you how to survive if you have to fight. This has been a long way around the tree to get to distance and most importantly awareness if you are in a situation where you are fighting you are already in trouble. Again great webinar.

    1. That’s the SDTS way!!!

      Use anything to get the job done.

      One of my favorite Musashi quotes is “it’s regrettable to die with your sword still in your scabbard.”

      My interpretation is – if you have it, use it!!

      What some people don’t realize that the “sword saint” of Japan was a dirty SOB and used many tricks to kill his enemies.

      In his famous battle with Kojiro he made the guy wait for over a day when he finally showed up – the guy was so pissed off and out of his game that he was able to kill Kojiro using a wooden oar he had split in half (I’m paraphrasing here -but he didn’t use a sword).

      When he was to fight Yoshika (the 12 year old head of the Yoshika Clan) he suspected an ambush. so Mushashi arrived early and when the clan set up their ambush, he found the youngster’s hiding place and cut his head clean off.

      There’s a decent synopsis of his duals here: https://www.historyoffighting.com/miyamoto-musashi.php

      Like the old west, martial arts have created this “romantic image” of what fights are or should be, but in reality – real warriors were only concerned with one thing when your life’s on the line – WINNING.

      The rest of this BS came when they started writing books and poetry.

  7. Excellent webinar – don’t let anyone criticize your language; your meaning comes through clearly, and that’s what is important. You have highlighted an issue that has never been made clear during the years of shotokan, judo and aikido training that I’ve had. Thank you!

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