I don’t hate Krav Maga, I just think it’s kind of silly.

I don’t hate Krav Maga, I just think it’s kind of silly.

We get emails and comments all the time about Krav Maga and I don’t hate it…to me it’s just like any other martial art.

Why do people believe in Krav Maga?

Because it’s taught to Israeli Soldiers and if it works in the fight against terror it will definitely work for you…sound about right?  

So let me ask you – what do you envision…Israeli soldiers in handwraps killing terrorists using the SAME EXACT MOVES you learned in class last night? Do you imagine them springing into action like Chuck Norris – kicking ass and taking names?

It’s true – people actually think the Israeli Army is fighting terror with techniques that are taught in strip malls all over the world and I think it’s silly.

If you think an Israeli Commando needs Krav Maga to be a badass…think again.

Those dudes are tough SOBs without any training – they are the professional athletes of the military who have natural talent and an iron will beyond your comprehension and will do whatever it takes to win. Krav Maga has nothing to do with it.

But since you do Krav Maga,  you believe that system will make you as fast, as strong and as tough as you imagine an Israeli soldier to be.

I realize it sounds ridiculous when you put it like that, but deep down on some level…this is what some grown ups actually think.

The fact is – Krav Maga is no more or less effective than ANY OTHER martial art. 

The issue I have with Krav Maga is the same issue I have with personal trainers and coaches who claim that if your kid trains with them they will become a professional athlete.

Think of it this way…if you did Tom Brady’s exact workout and nutrition plan for the next 10 years – sure you would be in better shape, but you would not be winning a Superbowl anytime soon. 

Krav Maga does the same thing in their marketing. Just because it’s “endorsed” by the Israeli Army doesn’t mean that if you do it, you will be anything like the Israeli Special Forces. Krav Maga is a Martial Art that is meant to promote Israeli nationalism and pride. Just like JUDO for Japan, TAE KWON DO for Korea and BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU for Brazil.

But still, there are adults who actually believe that KRAV MAGA is key to Israeli survival in the middle east.

When in fact the only thing keeping Israel safe is superior firepower, intelligence and…umm…the United States and other allies.

Now if you wanted to base your training on what the most elite fighting force on the planet does…It sure as heck would not be the Israeli Army.

There are a few countries that could decimate the Israeli Army in a weekend – North Korea, China, the U.S., and Great Britain just to name a few.

Plus there are other Special Forces you should consider if you are going to base your training on the “best of the best”. SEALS, Rangers, SAS, MARSOC are all excellent, but the one you should REALLY take a look at is the Air Force PJs (Pararescue) Who are they? Those are the guys who go rescue the other Special Forces when they get into trouble.

Oh, and if you’re going to base your training on a martial art that’s used by country’s military to fight terror – hands down your choice would be Tae Kwon Do.

The South Koreans have been fighting the fourth largest military in the world on a daily basis since before 1950. And we’re not talking about random suicide bombers or some underfunded third world country. They’re fighting a communist North Korean regime that’s backed by China…the first largest military in the world.

So we get an email from a nice enough guy telling me that Krav Maga fights terror and he sends this video as “proof”:


There is no doubt this guy is tough as nails and I’m a big fan...but how did he defeat the knife wielding “terrorist”?

With a chair.

And where have you seen someone teaching how to use a chair against a knife??

Not in Krav Maga…

The only lunatic who has been teaching you how to use a chair against a knife since 1992….IS ME!!!

The SDTS has been teaching this since day 1 – below is a video from our REALITY CHECK program

Look, if you want to believe that the reason the Israeli Army can fight terror and stay safe is because it’s soldiers are using some form of karate – be my guest.

And if you think people in the martial arts don’t lie and stretch the truth to promote their business…well that’s been going on since before Mas Oyama cut the horns off of a bull.

Years ago I was talking with Rob O’Neill (he was the leader of the SEAL team who shot Bin Laden) and when it came to hand to hand combat he said – “I don’t know – I just shoot the guy.”

This is always been my point – you do what works – FAST AND FIRST. No soldier is going into any conflict relying on hand to hand tactics.

Furthermore – what a heavily armed, fit, trained soldier on a mission to kill or capture with a team of other soldiers READY to do the same has NOTHING to do with you, outnumbered and alone.

Soldiers win battles through accurate intelligence, superior numbers, superior firepower, the ability to adapt and the will to do whatever it takes. And when it comes to hand to hand combat – they’re going to bash you in the head with a rock – not put handwraps on and spar!

To be honest, from a marketing standpoint it would have been much easier for me to call the SDTS some form of  Krav Maga…heck I would have had a built in market.

But it’s not and I didn’t.

In the 90’s I looked at Krav Maga and it was really no different than what I was learning in Tae Kwon Do.

They do specific defenses and complicated techniques that require fine motor skills that you CAN’T perform under stress. 

And if Krav Maga is a true “military system”, why do I see Krav Maga instructors teaching Filipino Knife and Stick Fighting?

Why don’t I see firearm retention and other aspects of a close combat military system?

Because it’s a martial art.

Which is fine, but it’s not going to transform you into a super soldier.

Hey –  if you love it, you have a great instructor and great friends, who am I to tell you not to do it. But make no mistake, you have about as much in common with an Israeli Special Forces Soldier than you do Tom Brady.

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Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. WOW. What an article! I’ve always been a big fan of Krav Maga until I discovered the SDTS! I personally believe the Lion Tamer chair is the best technique one can use or teach to disarm a knife or a cracked bottle of Jack etc. especially if your SNS is activated!

    Thank you for sharing! My students always ask me if the SDTS is better than Krav and this article will be my final answer to them.

    You have my full respect Mr. Ross.

    Instructor Karam
    SDC Lebanon

    1. Hey Mario – thanks, the fact is when you break it down…it’s really no different than any of the American Karate Schools in the 80s and 90s.

      They have their core kicking and punching.
      They spar.
      The practice specific defense counters.
      The add whatever the latest trend it into their classes.

      In the 90’s it was Thai Boxing…then BJJ, then MMA – everyone started grappling and everyone was a grappler. Which always gave me a chuckle – 30 minutes once a week does not a grappler make.

      You know better than most what happens in combat. And it ain’t chop socky.

    2. Great response. You are not the weapon no matter how you look at it. If your attacker has a weapon you need to find one quickly. Chair, desk, bed, books, whatever. Use whatever is available. Great lesson.

    3. Don’t know who wrote this but they are grossly misinformed.
      I trained with Israeli solders in the 70’s. Their fighting style is very effective
      and Tae Kwon Do or any of the other fighting arts come close.

  2. Chop-socky…LMAO!

    I haven’t heard that word in a long time. You made my night over here.

    Anyways, I completely agree. In combat, you gotta be dirty, raw, fast, aggressive & above all ARMED with multiple weapons in different places.

    People that carry one weapon make me laugh, and most of my friends tell me that I’m overdoing it, but I tell em one thing that always shuts them up. “I rather be ready than sorry!”

    Like you said, if you don’t go to that DARK place FAST & FIRST, you’ve already lost. It becomes easy and natural with time, but unfortunately some people lack heart “balls” and it’s hardwired into their DNA. No amount of hardcore training can change that and that’s all what it comes down to at the end of the day wether you’re in a streetfight or in the battlefield.

    Believe me I know black belts who pis** in their pants during a street fight and kicked ass in the dojo.

  3. LOL..I’m def adding this to my favs.

    Speaking as a former judo, kung fu, boxing, mma student, I think the biggest mistake in martial arts is that it makes you pure spiritually and teaches you discipline, how to fight clean and fair which is a great noble thing, but that’s not the real dark world out there and this is why most martial artists fail miserably on the street, because they don’t have that “kill or be killed” mindset forged into them.

    Also, I know sheepdogs who scored top of their class at the range/cft and who were always showing off, blinded by their ego etc and guess what, they lost it in combat.


    PS. Life taught me that people who speak softly, humble, kind, big hearted, calm, score average etc. Those are the ones you can count on and actually turned out to be tough SOBs when sh** hits the fan.

  4. Damian you just made my day; you are right on point. I have been saying the same thing about Air Force PJ’s, the martial arts meant to promote nationalist pride of the various countries, etc.., for 30 years. I had the opportunity to hang out & workout with some South Korean Special Forces while I was over there 30 some years ago. The way they/we trained then was more like “SDTS”; not a martial art.

    1. Thanks! When you get down to it – a fight is a fight and you do whatever gives you the tactical advantage at the time. Training is about developing that mindset to look for those opportunities and then developing the skill to perform them.

      It all starts to look the same at some point. We are humans with only so many natural weapons fighting humans with only so many vulnerable target areas.

      I remember one of my first karate tournaments as a kid. There were many styles – TKD, Kung Fu, Karate – but when it came to sparring…it all looked the same.

      Sure there was some dancing and different stances in the beginning – but that was just posturing. When the fight started it all became the same stance and the same technique.

      The “rules” dictate the style.

      UFC was no different. But then this is something we’ve known since the first boxer fought the first wrestler.

    2. This article is clearly written by someone who knows nothing about Krav Maga, and makes all the classic mistakes made by someone selling something who has never set foot in a krav maga gym. Most of the things you’re complaining about are characteristics of unlicensed and untrained people trying to take advantage of the krav maga name when in reality they’re teaching nothing similar. I could write an article debunking all the flaws and misconceptions here, but at the end of the day, this is just another sad example of someone trying to promote their own product at the expense of someone else’s, which is usually because their own doesn’t actually stand up on its own.

  5. Thanks Damian. If it ain’t simple, quick, easy-to-learn” under stress- forget it.
    If it doesn’t work for disabled, old folks, moms, kids, students, quickly- forget it.
    Under stress your training will show out real quick. And you’ll notice how much (a lot!) evaporates.
    In other words, kill or be killed!
    True self-defense is illogical, irrational and SUDDEN!

  6. Excellent article Damian!

    I trained in Krav Maga while in Law Enforcement. I thought that Krav and PPCT were life savers since that’s the only types of training I received. In some areas it was effective, but now training and instructing with SDC my view has completely changed.

    Thanks for another great read!

  7. Dear Damian . I am Ronny Romano an Elite Membership of the STDS . I Like to Know what your Opinion about Russell Stutely Fighting System and what is the Difference between your System and Russell Stutely Fighting System because Russell Stutely is the best Pressure Point Fighting Expert in the World and he has a System of Learning his Type of Fighting System that he has designed a Black Belt Karate System that will teach People how to Fight in the Streets because you said the Martial Arts is designed for keeping in Good Shape and in your Honest Opinion Would purchasing Russells Fighting System be Good For Street Fighting ? I Would Like to ask you if you thing Fight Fast is a Good Fighting System That would Help me to defend myself in the Streets If I was attacked . Fight Fast was Founded by Bob Pierce as you well know and would you Mind sending me an E Mail to Answer my Questions in your Spare Time . Thank you for your Time . Ronny Romano

    1. Hi Ronnie – I’ve talked to Russell in the past and I have no idea on the specifics of his program. So what I’m going to say next is NOT about Russell or what he teaches since I don’t know – but I will talk about pressure points and how they are taught in martial arts based on my personal experience.

      Other than the known, general target areas as discussed in SDTS Module 1 which work on everyone, all of the time.

      The thing about lesser pressure points and other pain compliance is that they don’t work on people who are:

      Adrenalized with fight or flight stress (SNS activation)
      Under the influence
      Emotionally disturbed persons
      A large percentage of the population who lesser pressure points don’t work.

      At the end of the day, you use WEAPONS to make up for your lack of physical abilities.

      Believe me, there is no secret spot on the human body you can hit to knock them out – you already know them.

  8. Hi Ronny,

    Fight Fast (Bob Pierce) is not a fighting system. They have brought out some great information from lots of “Bad Asses”. However, all of these guys (and ladies) were/are at the top of there game. They have been and/or still are Special Operatives, Seasoned Military Fighters, Body Guards, etc.., like Damian has mentioned on several occasions chances are a big majority of the population will never become like they are. You can not go wrong with SDTS; it is a complete system for anyone 8 to 80.

    1. That’s right Rob – I should have commented on that, but I didn’t.

      Fight Fast has been selling self videos for decades. Basically it works like this:

      They come up with a concept – build a sales letter and film a quick video. I forget the guy who writes the copy – but he’s been doing it for decades.

      I’ve been in the direct marketing of martial arts and self defense video business since 2002 – these guys were doing it before me.

      I know “marketing” is a dirty word, but without it – none of this would have happened.

  9. I have a book from WWII called Get Tough! It was a hand to hand and knife fighting manual. Anyway, it teaches the use of a chair against a knife. Nothing new in the world of self defense. Its the mindset of the person that wins or loses fights.

  10. I agree with the fundamental message of this article, however, just like with any self defense system, you have legit organizations and bullshit ones using the same “system”, and marketing themselves as Krav Maga. Also, generally speaking there is a HUGE difference between civilian Krav and combat Krav. Neither one translates to the other. Unfortunately you have eager beavers out there dying to start a dojo with as little as a weekend training course, and then they market it to you like you’re going to become a comando. I agree, it’s terrible.

    However, in the relatively few legit civilian Krav dojos around these days, you have a clear system in place where the only thing that matters is preparing you for awareness and survival in a sticky situation, scaled to your ability.

    I train at Krav Maga Experts in NYC. I’ve trained in a number of self defense systems, and I’m no elite athlete. I can assure you that this place has prepared me for the civilian world.

    What I’ve found is that regardless of branding, legit is legit, and bullshit is bullshit. Every legit self defense instructor that I’ve encountered attempts to solve a problem as simply and quickly as possible, and generally speaking the tactics all look relatively similar, with only slight variations from one guy to the next.

    The guys I train with are just as frustrated as you are, but I don’t want people thinking that every self defense studio that calls itself Krav Maga is a silly farce.


  11. Fairbairn is the reason I took up SDTS as I see a lot is taken from the Fairbairn methods. To me SDTS is the best thing out there much more practical and effective than krav maga which in my opinion is just all hype and a trend at moment.

  12. Great article.
    **Full disclosure first I am a certified Krav Maga instructor in three different flavors of Krav Maga.**
    I have actually stopped teaching because the trend I see in the US is that it has become more and more a fitness program versus a fighting program. I was frowned heavily on my the school owners because my attitude was to teach you how to deal with a threat without the need to sign up for rolling 6/12 month contracts. The real problem is that KM is being treated like normal martial arts program and the whom premise is renewal and extended contract that drain your students cash. To reinforce that the techniques are watered down and extended over long periods or time.
    I was taught the chair technique over 30 years ago when I was first introduced to fighting techniques of KM.

    I truly believe you can teach someone enough combat fighting skills within 6-8 hours for them to practice and be able to escape most situations. Repetition is required for proficiency and training the basics builds foundations. The techniques need to be direct, simple and devastating this is why I like SDTC.

    Finally if you don’t train with different instructors you will end up with a very narrow view of the possible. Most likely you will also pick up their biases and limitations.

    Keep up the great work Damian.

  13. Israeli Troops should take up SDTS I think it would serve them well in defending the Holy Land.

  14. Since I found SDTS I have no such worries about other styles. They are of no use to me whatsoever. I made a willing and conscious choice to trust SDTS in any situation that may arise and I’ll stick with it.

    As for Israel’s defense capabilities, let me just quote this:
    “When in fact the only thing keeping Israel safe is superior firepower, intelligence and…umm…the United States and other allies.”
    And that is the real truth. US backing. Without it, no Krav Maga would help Israelis.

  15. As usual Damien, on point. My close friend just opened a Premier Martial Arts Dojo and part of the marketing is Krav Mana and BJJ along with MMA. I have watched his classes, he knows very little about self defense and I struggle to keep my mouth shut. It’s all about the money which is why I walked away years ago. Fine motor skills are lost in an attack scenario. It comes down to fear management and if you haven’t trained yourself to recognize the adrenaline dump and use it to fuel you instead of freeze you you’re fucked.
    If you haven’t trained with improvised weapons you’re fucked. You don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. SDTS shows a chair being used in a knife encounter in its 60 minute video. There’s more knowledge in 60 minutes than there is in years of training in any Martial Arts.

    1. >If you haven’t trained with improvised weapons you’re fucked

      Very true, though I would hope any half-decent Krav Maga gym/academy/whatever would use them.

      Even still, you’ll find out pretty quick that it’s a completely different “game” when the knife is made out of metal instead of rubber.

  16. Some good points here, but also some indicators of ignorance. “Special Forces” is the U.S. Army’s SOCOM component and the term should never be used to describe all Special Operations Forces (SOF) that fall under SOCOM. The PJ’s are excellent, but they do not have superior hand-to-hand skills and they are not the saviors of other SOF units. They are combat medical experts primarily trained to retrieve downed pilots from behind enemy lines. As such, they attend most SOF schools, but their focus is not direct action. You have a very arrogant way of writing, especially for someone with no military or LEO background. I continue reading your emails because much of what you write is useful; however, those of us with Special Operations backgrounds would prefer you stay in your lane.

    1. My experience training military and LEO is out there and speaks for itself.

      And I guess you don’t comment on:

      The Presidency
      Professional Sports

      Based on your “stay in your lane” position – the only people who can comment on those topics are Presidents, Professional Athletes and Politicians.

      At the end of the day -when you’re speaking to the general public you communicate in terms they understand not industry jargon that changes with every new command.

      And finally, I have to call bullshit on “finding what I say useful” the real stuff is inside.

      Oh and if you’re going to claim military service – you better post some form of military ID, DD-214 or something that say who you are. Right now you’re just someone calling himself KEVIN.

      Thanks for stopping by and please continue to enjoy the free stuff.

      1. I’d be happy to compare DD-214’s with you, if you had one. As thin-skinned as you seem to be, it begs the question, “If you’re so lethal, why are you so insecure?” Maybe because most of your bio is from high school 30+ years ago and you’ve never risked your life in service to anyone or anything. Bouncing doesn’t count. Selling a course to Gomer Pyle or Barney Fife doesn’t give you military or LE creds (everyone uses this trick). You are just a master marketer selling a false sense of security to people who don’t know what they don’t know and believe they can learn combatives from videos. Keep basking in the praise of idiots, most of whom cannot see their feet and watch your stuff with a bag of chips. I’ve been following you because, as a real combatives instructor, some of my students have asked for my opinion. One has bought access to what’s “inside” and I have watched most of it. You have a good business model…high profit margin, scalable, easily managed from anywhere, multi-level marketable through “instructors” and “uplines”…but unless your customers are working continuously on the mats against multiple attackers and maximizing their physical fitness, they’re delusional in thinking they’re accomplishing anything. Out.

    2. HA – Kevin Morgan you’re a fake, phony and a fraud – anyone with a fake facebook account is a TROLL.


      You’ve been on my list since October, just sucking op free stuff and waiting to post ANYTHING – point is the military was given a compliment in my post and that’s what you chose to attack.

      People like you are cowards and should never be taken seriously.

  17. I have studied a few martial arts–and I’m a big fan of yours, but I have to say you are off-base on this article about Krav Maga. Of course every style is dependent on the teacher, and we happen to have some excellent instructors here in NYC. They DO teach to defend against a knife with a chair, or any object at hand, and we often did drills with briefcases and backpacks. The reason they use the Israeli army as a selling point is that in Israel EVERY KID SERVES, so they need something that can be learned fast and uses natural, instinctive behaviors. Krav Maga is based on muscle-memory; doing something over and over until it becomes automatic. I was not a big fan of the fancier weapon defenses (as shown in the photo at the top of this page), but for the most part it is a simple, practical and aggressive style that is practiced with a lot of contact sparring and ground fighting.

    1. Thanks for posting – but what you’re describing can be found in most ANY martial arts school in the US.

      Sparring and grappling – not self defense. Unless you’re actually attacking your partner with the intent to injure or kill – I realize you’re not, and that’s my point. While there’s a small benefit for physical contact, those sports are still governed by CONTROL and SAFETY and instill BAD HABITS.

      So they “kids” are taught something that can be learned FAST and is INSTINCTIVE.

      How long does it take to get a black belt? And why do they even have black belts?

      Finally – and this is my point – THEY ARE NOT USING HAND TO HAND SKILLS TO FIGHT THE ENEMY.

  18. In regards to the united states and it’s military the Army “Green Berets” have the rightful claim to the term “Special Forces”; so they get a little sensitive if other elite units are referred to as special forces. The other elite units of the united states military have their own specific term. With an exception or two they all fall under a term called “Special Operations” (Forces). All of them can be respectfully considered to be “Bad Ass Tough SOB’s”. The Air Force pararescue men (green feet) as a whole may not be considered to have superior hand to hand skills over the others, but their physical (and mental) training, along with their overall skill set is definitely something to be admired & a number of them go onto get CQC training from other military branches or the civilian sector. No martial art is better or worse than any other; they all have their country, pros, cons, etc.., That being said SDCS is perfect for Americans & the rest of the planet. It came from seasoned military SOF’s experiences, seasoned LEO’s experiences, seasoned martial artists experiences & seasoned civilian sector experiences, etc. It has thrown out all of the unnecessary for self preservation stuff. It can be effectively learned in a relatively short period of time. Anyone from 8 to 80 can gain from it.

  19. First off Israel is brutally occupying a people and using krav on women and children is nothing uo be proud of. Years ago some krav guys came to my kung fu school looking for flight time (as we called challenge in those days) After our intermediate students wiped them all over the floor with very little effort we offered them some free lessons…..of course they left embarrassed instead never to be seen again…..Krav for me
    Is a joke and only the niece fall for it.

  20. SDTS is the best self defence system out there its battle tested and proven thru the like of W.E. Fairbairn , Applegate , Biddle , Nelson , Cestari , and now Mr Ross this is the system I would recommend to anyone looking for real useble skills in self protection in my opinion Krav Maga has nothing on SDTS self defence combatives.

  21. Really great points Damian!

    Although I do take Krav classes to force me to stay in practice (and keep this “spare tire” at bicycle mode vs. mack truck mode), your SDTS lessons are a great reality-check about what REALLY works in a real street attack.

    Your “outside the box” approach is a valuable short-cut to being able to defend yourself without a ton of training because you use such natural moves that it doesn’t require a lot of practice to master.

    Keep up the great work… and telling it like it is!

    ~ Jeff

  22. Kevin shut the FCK up and stop being a troll grow a pair will you. also being in the military does not make you a good unarmed fighter Kevin in fact Damian’s years as a bouncer probably gave him much more experience in man to man combat than any time in the military would of just sounds like your jealous of any success Damian has had and the fact he’s out there doing something positive with his life and helping others.

  23. Hi Kevin,

    Why the need for the hate? We all should have the same goal. That is to provide a skill set to others. There is rich American heritage being offered to Americans from Rex Applegate, to Charles Nelson, to Carl Cestari, and to Damian Ross. True enough Damion may come across a little rasp, harsh and/or even arrogant, but who hasn’t at one point in their life; he is passionate about what he does as are you. I do not know you, but I assume you have something to offer too, so offer it. There are nearly 9 billion people on the planet; plenty for everyone desiring to teach others how to live. As for me, I have experience in the military, Law enforcement, Security, Bouncer, etc.., but who the fuck cares, I surely do not; It is overrated anyhow. What matters is what can we share with/offer to others; children, teens, adults, family, community, etc.,, to help them persevere in difficult times.

  24. Hi Damian, love your brutal, basic approach. This is very much in line with the Urban Krav Maga I train in. Simple gross motor moves that can work under pressure….CAN work. We pressure test with multiple attackers, & get a reality check. We always work through awareness, avoidance, evasion, end it as fast as f**k & get out of there. We also explore improvised weapons – from chairs, to pens to phones etc. Unfortunately there are so called Krav Maga clubs which do not teach “the reality”, but here in UK we have some good ones. There are also some “traditional” martial arts clubs that say they teach self defence, & they are truly shocking, & could end up getting their students killed.
    Interestingly, in the Israeli knife attack video, people ran to attack the attacker – may be because all Israeli citizens have to do military service & are all trained in basic krav maga.
    PS Fairbairn was truly amazing. His experiences in Shang Hai changed his approach to self defence & how those who understand the reality, train today.
    Keep up the good work.

  25. Kevin if your special ops or special forces well done that’s awesome and you must be tough as boots and highly trained etc. But I can’t see the need for you to troll Damian at all and if anyone came across as arrogant it was you. End of day just looks like you commented on here to cause a argument and try and make yourself look like your the super elite know it all special ops guy and that Damian should stay in his lane as you say which Damian has he’s a self defence instructor he’s never claimed to be a special ops guy or even claimed a military background but a good self defence and combatives instructor he is also this is his site if you don’t like anything he says you don’t have to read it if you feel you are far superior in knowledge etc. End of day Kevin just looks like you commented just to start a argument I’m sure you could of just emailed Damian in private if you thought you needed to share your knowledge with him or correct any misunderstanding he may have on special ops special forces stuff with you being the know it all experienced super elite soldier you are

  26. Anyway great post Damian I really enjoyed it as I have all your posts you talk a lot of sense and you really do know your stuff when it comes to practical effective self defence and what would work etc as for Krav Maga if someone feels that that’s the system for them that’s awesome I’m sure it does give are Israeli brothers and sisters some national pride too personally I think its awesome if they feel its right for them but for me I’ve found SDTS the best system for me seems more suitable for me as a individual each to there own I suppose anyway great posts as always

  27. Another stimulating-thoughtful-passionate post, maybe more than others! Bottom line, everyone is free to decide, advocate, learn and train “where and as” they want. But too much of what I was previously taught in formal martial arts, from different systems, different instructors, different locations, different times, simply “missed the mark” when it came to emphasizing practical-effective self-defense . A head black belt instructor in Kenpo Karate once taught a complex 7 or 8 strike defense against a collar grab. Nothing against Kenpo Karate or any other formal art, learn what you want, but was it worth learning? It looked impressive to some untrained friends who were not attacking me, but from where I stand now, “hell no”, a waste of money and time, and dangerous! (FYI, NEVER ALLOW anyone to grab you if it can be prevented!) “What works is what works”, and you better have “know-how” that goes beyond flashy hand to hand skills if you want to increase survival odds when facing determined brutal attackers and/or restricted by physical limitations. SDTS tactics have been shown to be effective by historical precedent including more recent neuroscience, and the better understanding of “neuroplasticity” in brain- skill learning and development! At nearly age 70 and doctoral trained in behavioral health, I see nothing more cost-effective than the SDTS, and continue to stake my life and the lives of my loved ones on this system!

  28. Another stimulating-passionate post, maybe more than others! Bottom line, everyone is free to decide, advocate, learn and train “where and as” they want. But too much of what I was previously taught in formal martial arts, from different systems, different instructors, different locations, different times, simply “missed the mark” when it came to emphasizing practical-effective self-defense . A head black belt instructor in Kenpo Karate once taught a complex 7 or 8 strike defense against a collar grab. Nothing against Kenpo Karate or any other formal art, learn what you want, but was it worth learning? It looked impressive to some untrained friends who were not attacking me, but from where I stand now, “hell no”, a waste of money and time, and dangerous! (FYI, NEVER ALLOW anyone to grab you if it can be prevented!) “What works is what works”, and you better have “know-how” that goes beyond flashy hand to hand skills if you want to increase survival odds when facing determined brutal attackers and/or restricted by physical limitations. SDTS tactics have been shown to be effective by historical precedent including more recent neuroscience, and the better understanding of “neuroplasticity” in brain- skill learning and development! At nearly age 70 and doctoral trained in behavioral health, I see nothing more cost-effective than the SDTS, and continue to stake my life and the lives of my loved ones on this system!

  29. Just to set some things straight. Krav Maga actually does teach the use of common objects as a very effective way to deal with problems in the street. In fact it places a lot of emphasis on the subject. The use of the chair specifically (including how to use it as a defensive and offensive weapon, how to stand up fast and/or defend while in a seated position, etc.), is being taught in the curriculum of the federation I train with. Furthermore, if an instructor promises to a student that if he takes some Krav Maga classes he’s going to become an Israeli Commando, then it’s the instructor to blame because he is creating false impressions and expectations, not the system or its principles, which are in my humble opinion very logical and realistic from a self defense perspective. The purpose is to teach every day people how to defend their lives if the need arises, not turn them into Special Forces. That’s a whole different beast. They are two very different groups with a very different mission. The Special Forces enter hostile territory to bring a mission to completion, the civilians simply want to return home safe at the end of the day. Krav Maga does not teach these two groups in the same way at all. So don’t write an article assuming that what you say is what every Krav Maga school stands for. Some schools are actually realistic and truthful about what it is they do. It has nothing to do with Krav Maga it has to do with the instructor and what he preaches. Bottom line, if you want to learn self defense, I recommend giving Krav Maga a try in a legitimate, recognized school. If you feel like it, then by all means keep at it. If it’s not for you, find something that suits you. Like everything in life. Cheers.

  30. I can’t tell if this is satire or not. If it is, good job. I certainly hope it is, but on the off-chance it isn’t, you’re a moron. ????

    1. Well, the moron assessment is still open for debate – but if you think Israeli commandos are using karate to fight terror…well, maybe Chuck Norris’ Missing in Action 3 was a documentary.

  31. Maybe if you truly believed in your system you would use Krav Maga to promote it! You slag off a proven system to promote yours. You are the worst type of SD voice. We dontvtrAin people to be professionals nitvrlite athletes we train people to learn simple self-defence invade they get attacked. Of course everyone picks it up differently and some better and quicker than others but all trying to learn to defend themselves. Ps Krav Maga is not a martial art

  32. Mark.

    As much as you are attempting to make a valid point you aren’t helping your cause one bit. Why would we ever use Krav Maga to promote our system? Look hand to hand combat has been practiced around the world by many different militaries and has been adopted to a somewhat lesser scale when utilized by civilians. Krav Maga as originally taught to soldiers who needed to learn something quick brutal and effective was a good thing. Unfortunately Krav Maga has been commercialized and bastardized over the years and turned into more of a martial arts system geared towards maintaining paying students who chase fucking patches. Yes there are great Krav Maga instructors. There are great akido Instructors. There are great instructors out there for every kind of system but to think we aren’t secure in our system is foolish. I would put any system up against the concepts and techniques taught in the SDTS because our shit works. It’s based on proven tactics. As a krav Maga practitioner and instructor myself I can tell you too many individuals claiming to teach Krav or study it are just glamorized martial artists trying to use a name to earn a buck.

  33. At first I thought this article was supposed to be funny/satire but then i realized it was not. Which makes it weird because the writer seems really bitter about a particular martial art (or whatever you called it). At first I wondered why. But at the end of the article the writer promoted his own version of “martial arts”. Okaaay….so the whole article is just to promote his own business……. mmm k bye.

  34. This is the saltiest post on krav, I’ve ever read! It’s hard to call it an article because it kind of just, one guys opinion with a bitter twist.. jackass.

  35. Good Lord, how you guys do rattle on. Bar fighting teaches using every available weapon to win. Being in a motorcycle gang teaches using every dirty trick in the book to win. Most of the time, these lessons come at a much higher price than gym dues. When is someone going to tell the guts truth? If you don’t have the will to immediately take another person’s life, then don’t bother with self-defense training. Because the street punk, drug junkie needing a fix, gang member robbing because they can have no respect for your life. If you aren’t ready to take out an eye, trachea, gonad, knee, jab a sharp object into the ear and brain, then stop kidding yourself. You are or you aren’t ready to kill. Learn this part first.Most of the four martial arts styles I’ve practiced over the fast forty years have taught me just enough to get hurt in a fair fight, ‘cuase the only fair fight is the one you win.So, whatever you use to stay physically sharp, good on ya. But don’t lie to yourself about the ONE HARD FACT.

  36. My 9.95 krav maga cd saved my life. Last month and a week ago i met a girl outside of a major grocery store here in n.d. where i now live. It was really REALLY cold that evening and she had no where to go.. I am a carpenter , i am currentwly living in a 6 bedroom housethat i am restoring at night etc. For the owner while working full time my rent is high but eventually i have option to rent rooms.to cut to the chase- she said she was single and stayed the night, the next day here comes her and her 240 pound 30 somthing ,bearded boyfriend down my stairs /AND HE IS ARMED WITH A 2′ BALL BAT! Now im just 5′ 6″ and have weighed around 155 all of my life and they over took me before i could get to my 9mm. I couldnt believe.how stupidly i had acted falling into their (turns out professional) home invasion, robbery trap. Now i had several items i had bought on line from bob peirce and one was a 995 krav maga cd which id just let run all weekend sometimes. I never expected that 995 spent out of couriousity would save my whole worid / but it did!!! As they reached me in my bedroom like i said i did not make it to my trusty 9. As ‘she was feeding instructions ” hit him in the head, get his phone, get him into the closet. ‘CLOSET?’ I KNEW I WAS DEAD…breaking the door and jam , my wrists were almost gone from deflecting the blows to my head / when we we entered my closet i knew i was done and had nothing to lose.the krav maga just seemed to kick in along with the fight or flight instinct. I grabbed the end of his bat and quickly released my right and stabbed him in the eyes with my fingers. Grabbing back at the bat momentarely the assailant let go with one hand to protect his eyes so i righted him again down ward on the cleft of his chin knocking him out momentaraly. He sat straight down smashing my flat screen but stillheld onto his bat, so i kicked him in his groin over and over as hard as ive ever kicked (even practicing) i mean i picked his ass off the ground- both of us still clinging to the bat. I saw a brief flash of light and then pain as his girlfriend accomplise stabbed me in the right eye with a torks screwdriver so i qwickly forarmed her without even turning my head. Meanwhile he looked up and i knocked him out again and continued to lick his groin until he gave up the bat. The moral of this story;if you dont belive in bob peirce’s fight systems dude without them i wouldnt be typing this to you right now. They went to hospitol , then jail – i have pics of my injuries and police report to prove it. Thanks. JOHN WAYNER

  37. Yup, same thing we teach. Prepare your mind and your body, if you can’t lift your own leg, why are you lifting weights?
    If you can’t throw a punch on target without dropping your arm, why do arm curls at the gym?
    Control, power, iron bones, and an impervious will that is used to taking a beating along with dishing it out.
    Really liked this blog, one of the first of its kind I think, and gutsy to say what needs to be said..you do what it takes to be a soldier/warrior, there are no ‘moves’ in particular that you can “remember and perform under stress”…awesome man! You have a new sub for sure!

  38. Take the advice of master ken. It’s fake and no form. Along with comes substance to people who study this kravpussy. You have scam by your hard earned money. Good luck on being killed.

  39. I really disagree with your comments above about Krav Maga. You obviously do not know what you are talking about. And may I also say, that Krava Maga is a way of life. It is not a sport or a art.

  40. Paul. As an instructor and student in KM I understand what you are saying. However Krav Maga has been incredibly bastardized and commercialized over the years. There are some excellent instructors in KM but a lot of people have used the Krav name to sell their shit when it really has nothing to do with KM as it was originally taught. I think the important thing to evaluate when it comes to any combatives based system is are the principles in line with what will work under real fight duress. If not then it’s useless.

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