I got Injured, so I quit.

I got Injured, so I quit.

I got Injured, so I quit.

If you STOP self defense training and learning because you’re injured then what you’re learning is NOT self defense.

Let me ask you some questions you already know the answer to…

Do you think your chances of getting attacked are lower or higher when you’re injured?

Do you think your chances of getting attacked are lower or higher when you’re older?

Do you think your chances of getting attacked are lower or higher when you’re out of shape?

Do you think your chances of getting attacked are lower or higher when you’re smaller?

If you look like this, you’re probably NOT going to be attacked…maybe by some adoring fans.

Exactly the chance of you being targeted INCREASES when you’re older, injured, out of shape and smaller – an attacker isn’t going to target the person who’s in great shape, young and confident! They’re going to prey on the weak. And if you look weak, act weak and are weak…well you’re on the menu my friend.

Yet in spite of this obvious fact –  every day people STOP preparing because they think SELF DEFENSE is a MARTIAL ART.

In that case, I HAVE FAILED as an instructor.

Self defense is a life skill – not a sport or a fitness activity. You need to constantly adapt your current physical skill set to meet your constant need for self defense.

The problem is, you have been lead to believe that self defense is a CONQUER AND WIN situation. That you must DEFEAT your attacker because the people who hold the secrets (my black belt brothers and sisters) own businesses that depend on people training longer and more often.

But in reality, most self defense situations NEVER get that far. In fact most attackers STOP when you begin to resist. Like all predators, once they feel the effort isn’t worth the reward, they will move on. After all, the reason they picked you is because they thought you were a pushover. 

Self defense is about adaptation – using your mind along with other tools and weapon you defend and protect.

Remember this isn’t just about you – picture a close relative, loved on or child.

Now picture that loved one being harassed in front of you – meanwhile you’re on crutches because you’ve broken your ankle. Now what? Are you prepared to step up?

And if you think you’re just going to be able to pull a gun to shut someone up…THINK AGAIN. You’ll be in for a trip to the police station at best. However, there are MANY other weapons (SDTS modules 9 and 11) that you can use to LEVEL the playing field if things go south. And most people don’t even know they exist :).

The point is this – a true self defense system is one that can give you something to use even when you’re at your WORST. We have a rule at the Self Defense Company…if you can leave your house, you better be able to defend yourself and protect others.

Look, you don’t have to be able to do EVERYTHING…just ONE THING.

Train Honestly,


PS. Every year in the US millions of people survive violent assaults with no training at all…just the instinct and the will to survive. Imagine if they had just a little education in the right method!!!

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  6. Oral (OK) Neal


  1. Damian, Whether you’re temporarily or permanently injured, like I am, stress this: Keep going, Adapt and Improvise.
    It always starts in the head.
    Training while injured can be a great blessing. Why? Because you’re HUMAN, not some Hollywood fighting immortal!

  2. Thank you for this admonition, Damian. It’s timeliness for me is critical. I am small (5’7” 139 lbs), I am older – 62 years old, and I am injured, having just recently had surgery on my right shoulder joint for a torn labrum. I purchased your self defense course and I need to study it and use it.

    1. Hey Tom – NOW IS THE TIME – We all get older and stuff is happening to us ALL THE TIME (more on that later). Watch, read, study – ADAPT.

  3. Another great post! Aging, physical limitations, and/or injuries will affect all of us over time. My past Aikido instructor told me (while in my late 50s) that vigorous training classes became more difficult for many after approaching or passing age 70, if not before, and other combative/competitive arts can take their toll much sooner than later. My earlier Hapkido training (during my late 20s) was very tough, everyone who lasted for at least 6 months, suffered at least one broken bone, and my injuries forced me to give-up my dream of black belt. But our need for practical self-defense, personal protection, and survival skills yet remain, especially as we become more vulnerable to predators. Our safety is our responsibility, as no laws, no police, no safe zones, no politicians can be depended upon. So adaptation is essential as our bodies change, and it is critical to find suitable strategies that still offer practical effectiveness. I rarely leave home without high grade pepper spray, a knife (more than 1 is better), and/or stun gun (some are much better than others), sometimes a legally concealed firearm (which is always a last resort) and I try to maintain situational awareness, avoidance, and readiness everywhere. (I was an easy target once in my younger life, lucky enough to survive, and grateful to learn from this awful experience.) The SDTS gives a real “reality check” on the true meaning, implications, and comprehensive options for self-defense! Thx again Damian!

  4. Thank You, once again, Damian. As you know, I am 70 YOA with Teflon and Titanium knee and hip, more “zippers” than I can name here and MRSA that is keeping me off of my foot for, at least, another 8-10 weeks. I have been with The Self Defense Company for two years last month and I specialize in those that need to learn after getting to be “seasoned.” This blog is, “Absolutely right on!!!!!!” Keep selling and training honestly.
    Oral (OK) Neal L-5

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