I Hate Candlelight Vigils: Oregon Mass Killing

Mass Killing At Umpqua Community College In Oregon, 10 Reported Dead

If you’re new to the Self Defense Company we have a few rules.

  1. They are not “mass shootings”, that are “massacres”, “murders” or “killings.”
    Shooting implies that anyone who shoots a gun is a killer.
  2. I do not post the killer’s name. They do it for notoriety – I will not participate.
  3. They are not “shooters” they are murderers and killers. I am a shooter. I have friends who shoot.
    We do not murder.

I hate candlelight vigils. They only serve to remind us of our failure and do not honor the dead and have no value in preventing the crime from happening again. They only make the sheep feel better.

If you truly and honestly want to honor the dead…do something that helps prevent this from happening again. I know, you’re just one person – but if you can acknowledge the problem and take steps in your personal sphere of influence to make your world safer and your neighbor does the same…well, we might be on to something. 

I’m under no disillusion that these massacres will end, in fact I believe they will continue to happen more frequently and with greater damage.  

First, we stop referring to these instances as anomalies or rare since they are happening more frequently as every year passes. 

Below is a list of mass murders from 1984 to the present. 

OCT 1, 2015         10 dead; 7 injured: Roseburg, Ore
9 dead: Charleston, SC
7 dead, 7 wounded: Isla Vista, Ca

3 killed; 16 injured: Ft. Hood, Tx
13 killed, 3 injured: Washington, D.C.
5 killed: Santa Monica, Ca

27 killed, 1 wounded: Newtown, Conn
3 dead, 4 injured: Brookfield, Wis
6 killed, 2 injured: Minneapolis, Minn
6 killed, 3 injured: Oak Creek, Wis
12 killed, 58 injured: Aurora, Colo
7 killed, 3 injured: Oakland, Ca
8 killed, 1 injured: Seal Beach, Ca
6 killed, 11 injured: Tucson, Az
8 killed, 2 injured: Manchester, Conn.
3 killed, 3 wounded: Huntsville, Ala
13 killed, 32 injured: Ft. Hood, Tx
13 killed, 4 injured: Binghamton, NY
5 killed, 16 injured: Dekalb, Ill

8 killed, 4 injured: Omaha, Ne
APR 16, 2007     32 killed, 17 injured: Blacksburg, Va
5 killed, 4 injured: Salt Lake City, Ut
5 killed, 5 injured: Nickel Mines, Pa
9 killed, 7 injured: Red Lake Indian Reservation, Minn
5 killed, 9 injured: Meridian, Miss
3 killed: Tucson, Az
2 killed, 13 injured: Santee, Ca
7 killed: Honolulu, HI
7 killed, 7 injured: Fort Worth, Tx 
9 killed, 12 injured: Atlanta, Ga
13 killed, 24 injured: Columbine, Colo
5 killed, 10 injured: Jonesboro, Ark
6 killed, 19 injured: Garden City, N.Y
8 killed, 6 injured: San Francisco, Ca

4 killed, 10 wounded: Olivehurst, Ca
4 killed, 2 injured: Iowa City, Ia
22 killed, 20 wounded: Killeen, Tx
OCT 10, 1991    4 Killed: Ridgewood, NJ <<== My home town
10 killed, 4 wounded: Jacksonville, Fla
5 killed, 29 injured; Stockton, Ca
14 killed, 6 wounded: Edmond, Ok
21 killed, 19 wounded: San Ysidro, Ca

1984 = 1 instance      21 killed, 19 wounded
1985 = 0 instances
1987 = 0 instances
1988 = 0 instances
1989 = 1 instance     14 killed, 6 wounded
1990 = 1 instance     10 killed, 4 wounded
1991 = 3 instances    30 killed, 22 wounded
1992 = 1 instance      4 killed, 10 wounded
1993 = 2 instances    14 killed, 25 wounded
1994 = 0 instances    13 killed, 24 wounded
1995 = 0 instances
1996 = 0 instances
1997 = 0 instances
1998 = 1 instance      5 killed, 10 wounded
1999 = 4 instances   36 killed, 43 wounded
2000 = 0 instances
2001 = 1 instance      2 killed, 13 wounded
2002 = 1 instance     3 killed
2003 = 1 instance     5 killed, 9 wounded
2004 = 0 instances   9 killed, 7 wounded
2005 =  1 instance     9 killed, 7 wounded
2006 = 1 instance      5 killed, 5 wounded
2007 = 3 instances    45 killed, 25 wounded
2008 = 1 instance      5 killed, 16 wounded
2009 = 2 instances    26 killed, 36 wounded
2010 = 2 instances     11 killed, 5 wounded
2011 = 2 instances      14 killed, 12 wounded
2012 = 6 instances     54 killed,  71 wounded
2013 = 2 instances     18 killed, 3 wounded
2014 = 2 instances     10 dead, 23 wounded
2015 = 2 instances     19 dead; 7 wounded

I’m sure I missed some murders on this list, but you can see the frequency and the devastation is rising. 

The short term solution is an obvious, put armed guards in places where large volumes of people meet, schools, malls, theaters, etc. These killers aren’t looking for a fight, they want to do as much damage as possible before they kill themselves. 

The long term solution is not that simple…

I will tell you right now, this has nothing to do with the ease in which people get firearms or how many people own guns.  

Did you know that since 1973, the General Social Survey (GSS) has been asking Americans whether they keep a gun in their home.  In the 1970s, about half of the nation said yes; today only about one-third do.  Driving the decline: a dramatic drop in ownership of pistols and shotguns, the very weapons most likely to be used in violent crimes would in fact decrease violent crime. 

Well, needless to say, the “less guns” idea is not working. 

The problem rests in the way our society is de-volving.

We are becoming more desensitized to violence, and have removed the skills to deal with violence.

We feel disenfranchised with an overwhelming sense of entitlement.

We have created celebrity for people without any talent – you can become popular just by being outrageous and stupid.

It’s my opinion that the zero tolerance, anti-bullying policies designed to protect our kids have actually castrated them. Before if kid got into a fight, they told their story and the one who was at fault got sent home. Now, both kids get in trouble equally. The result, the kids who are getting bullied (the good kids) don’t fight back while the bullies use this to their advantage.

Do you know what all of these killers have in common? Yep, they were bullied. 

For the last few generations we’ve been telling kids that there’s no excuse for violence and it doesn’t solve anything. The result is a nation of young men and women who don’t know how to deal with the violent side of mankind. So they panic and over react and strike out in the worst way. 

Finally, social media has enabled these people to receive affirmation of their insanity instantly.

People post the first idiotic thing that pops into their brain…and in a split second, there’s another moron waiting to affirm their nonsense with a “like”. The piece of garbage who executed NYPD officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos tweeted his intentions with dozens of likes and support from a multitude of society’s scum popped up to agree with him.  

Violence is getting worse, it’s not going away and the only realistic thing you can do is make your world, your home safer. You can’t depend on politics or anyone else for that matter – it’s up to us. 

My condolences to the friends and family of the fallen. 

Train Honestly, 


  1. restif 2 years ago

    While I concur with your general thesis, I am not entirely convinced that the number of guns in American hands has decreased. See the following article which suggests many at least plausible reasons why the poll cite may be incorrect.

  2. FrancoisQuirion 2 years ago

    I believe a common denominator to this kind of violence is the prescription and use of anti-depressant and other psychiatric drugs. Things like prozac and ritalin are now regularly prescribed to school kids from a young age.  
    I really wish someone wouls start connecting the dots.
    Francois SDTS member

  3. restif 2 years ago

    If in fact people are lying to pollsters and if there are more and more individuals not with one gun, but multiple guns, and if gun sales are soaring and if more and more people are getting CC permits, then what? SDTS is excellent for virtually any situation except what happened in Oregon and in any of the other massacres you cited.

  4. DamianRoss 2 years ago

    restif That’s interesting. Especially the part about under reporting ownership. As a gun owner I feel it’s not anyone’s business and the less people know the better. The decline in the poll may just be simply because the culture towards guns started to change.

  5. storm2452 2 years ago

    I Agree With You Damian Ross. I don’t like Vigils either. People need to stop the things that make people turn to violence such as Bullying which is A major problem in Today’s Society. I Also Like Shooting Guns for Target practicing which makes me a Shooter Not A Killer. People that become Killers are those that go through serious childhood abuse from abusive family situations & through Bullied by classmates in schools which causes mental abuse problems for those being abused & Bullied & people need to Stop things like this which in the long Run only psychologically has a Long term affect on the people being abused & Bullied & some people like myself get the help they need from being abused & Bullied throughout my life but for those that never get the Help they need for childhood abuse & Bullying like the help I got. Those that aren’t helped either commit suicide or turn into Sociopathic Killers & in a lot of cases a Sociopathic Killer will go on killing sprees then commit suicide after they have committed mass killings. I’m Living proof that someone that’s been through Physical & Mental Abuse & was Bullied Most of my life while going through my school year including High School but I finally got the help I needed for All the Abuse I’ve been through & I’m just one of many that got the help I needed because I self studied Psychology from the age of about 13 years old and still Self Studying Psychology & Psychiatry including Behavioral Sciences but I Also got help from my own Psychologist & Psychiatrist but I could have turned into one of the sociopaths that’s out there & that’s why we All need to Standup & Stop things like Bullying & childhood abuse & Protect our Families, Friends & Loved Ones & Help in Protecting People in our Communities from the Bullies & Abusers alike recognize & get help for those individuals that are being Bullied or Abused throughout their Lives & Standup against people that Bully others or Abuse others & be active in our communities to help stop these kinds of psychological abusive behaviors & I’m Proud I got the Help I needed & I help others that have gone through their Lives being Bullied or Abused. I’m Also Proud To Be An Elite Member Of The Self Defense Company by Founder & Master Instructor Damian Ross because I’m Willing to Be Active In my Community in Helping to Put A Stop to Bullies but not by being a Vigilante Kind of Person because I Believe in Justice by being Active by helping others & by helping to Standup to those Bullying through Legal means not by causing more Violence but by help stopping the Violence through helping other to recognize people being Bullied, Abused physically & mentally Abused & Recognizing The Bullies & Abusers & Help those individuals being Bullied or Abused by contacting Law Enforcement & doing things the legal way by helping people aware of the Individual Bullies & Abusers & being Active in the Community to Stop These kind of crimes before they get way out of had & sharing the Knowledge I’ve gained through My Own Life Experience & using that knowledge to help Educate others about Bullying & Abusive Behaviors of All types & how to Recognize these Negative Behaviors & put A Stop to them by Taking A Stand to Help Stop Bullying & Abusive Behavioral Awareness. Thank You Damian Ross For Bringing these problems about Bullying so people can get educated about finding ways to Stop those Bullying & The Abusers alike. I’ve shared my life experiences here not for anyone to Pity Me Or Feel Bad For Me but to Help People to see the need to help recognizing those individuals that are Bullied & Abused & to Reconize those people that are Bullying & Abusing Others so we can All stop the violence before it turns into mass killing & getting help for the people going through these abusive situations & get help Just as I Did. I’m nobody Special but I’m willing to do my part & helping others to be informed about these kind of Behaviors so we can help people in our Communities & to be willing to put A Stop to the individuals committing the Abusive Behaviors & Stop the Bullying in our Communities to avoid things like killing & mass killing & the people won’t need to have the vigils that doesn’t do much for the Innocent People from becoming a Statistic.
    Thanks & God Bless
    Alex Storm ( @alex5 ) Elite Member of The Self Defense Company. http://www.TheSelfDefenseCompany.com

  6. Nicholas Vernem 2 years ago

    The real reason that these incidents keep happening, and with such increasing frequency, is the increase of violence in the media. Lt. Col. Grossman did lots of good research in On Combat and On Killing that basically connected increasing violent crimes from the late 70’s onwards to a generation of children raised on the advent of television in the American home (circa 1957) who had just reached the prime age for violent crime. As we know, things have only gotten worse, corresponding with almost exponentially increased media exposure, especially to younger generations, and particularly with the advent of Internet and video games. The obsession of society over the “trainwreck” that is each of these killings encourages the media to cover the identities and profiles of these killers again and again until they are immortalized in the Internet, giving every troubled, angry youth something to aspire to.

    If you take a look at the profiles of each of these killers, you’ll see almost universally a troubled, reclusive, antisocial individual who spends too much of his time playing violent video games, watching violent and/or escapist television and movies, and browsing the Internet. If you look at the effects of high exposure of media violence to children, you will see a fearful, reclusive, and depressive child in many cases, as compared to a control group which is sheltered properly from these things and given healthier outlets.

    In the general public, we are seeing people who have been, on average, moderately exposed to media violence and have thus developed a fear of violence. Hence we are seeing massive public withdrawal from the very concept of violence (backlash against gun ownership is a popularly cited symptom) despite our pathological obsession with it in the media (violent movies, violent sports, violent news stories, violent video games, etc.) This reduces the action that the public takes towards really preventing these crimes. In smaller numbers, we are seeing particularly troubled individuals who have experienced higher than average exposure to media violence (and possibly real violence) during their childhoods and adolescence. These are the fearful and reclusive young men from which pool our school killers are being drawn. We are also seeing small numbers of individuals who, for whatever reason, have adequately prepared themselves through proper and healthy means to have a propensity for violence. These individuals are our “sheepdogs”, and they are growing increasingly frustrated by the general public’s backlash against them. As the saying goes, “the sheep resent the sheepdog, because it reminds them of the wolf.” We see this in anti-police political rhetoric, we see it in gun control rallies, and doublessly Damian Ross and trainers like him have seen it in complaints that this sort of training is designed to encourage violence.

    This creates the perfect environment for acts of mass murder. We have a population of people whose subconscious and conditioned obsession with violence drives them to fearfully shut out anything that reminds them of their obsession. This population stymies the effectiveness of the part of the population with a real propensity for and healthy understanding of violence when they attempt to protect society at large. Finally, we have a growing subculture of particularly violence-obsessed individuals which has little in its way when it happens to lash out at the rest of the world, creating mass tragedy at an almost daily rate.

    It’s true that, were it effectively implemented (a big if), gun control would limit the capacity of these individuals to kill large groups of people instead of just one or two. I am not terribly opposed to minor gun control restrictions being put in place above the ones that exist, but they must be the right measures. Many measures, such as magazine restrictions in New York State, are political knee-jerk reactions which do nothing but frustrate legal gun owners. Measures that improve upon background checks and licencing procedures, however, would have stopped at least a few of these mass killers from obtaining their guns. These individuals aren’t seasoned criminals, after all; they do not have any knowledge of or connections to facilitate illegal firearm access. Most of these killers have been profiled by their neighbours and family as quiet and withdrawn people who surprised everyone with their horrifying acts. Many of them had some event occur in their past, or some element of their psychological profile, which should have disqualified them from legal gun ownership. It is more difficult to kill nine people in a church with a knife than it is with a gun, and this would at least modestly reduce these mass killings.

    The real answer here, though, isn’t to take away the beast’s claws and make it a less effective killer. The answer is to kill the beast; to drive it to the edge of its metaphorical extinction so that it is no longer able to breed, and dies out. We know how these killers are created, and we know that their creators profit greatly from the industry that creates them. Just as the tobacco industry used to have its pet scientists on leashes who would tell you that smoking does not cause cancer, the media has its own think tanks which will tell you that their product cannot harm you. Failing that, they will tell you at least that its consumption is a matter of your own responsibility and not theirs. To a certain extent, they are right, despite this being, in Grossman’s words, “drug dealer logic”. Public restrictions and action against the tobacco industry have vastly reduced tobacco use in North America and abroad, particularly among youth. Similar restrictions upon the media must be assumed to do the same for the consumption of violent media. This is the only way to kill the wolf; not to clip its claws and its fangs, but to thin its numbers and drive it away from our herd.

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