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I HATE the Self Defense Company

I HATE the Self Defense Company

Self Defense Company Hate Mail

Love us, hate us – you’re entitled to your opinion…and we’re entitled to share your deep thoughts, insights and inspiring messages with the world. 

If you email us privately, we do not post your name…however if you post on Facebook and Social Media..that’s a different story. 

Note: The one thing all of these people have in common is that NONE of them have ever purchased or trained in any Self Defense Company Program. 

Top Emails

Fuck you fucker that is the only way that you know how to make money is steal from others. Fuck you.”  – Edwin F. efXXXXXXXX@gmail.com

I don’t know what set Edwin off here. His message was in response to a free video we sent him and Edwin has never purchased anything from us.

But if you must know Edwin, we process hundreds of orders per month and experience .25% chargeback rate, which is a quarter of all industry standards.

In fact, it’s impossible to “steal” from you when you use PayPal or a Credit Card. 

“Confused? Considering I’m a retired 43 year vet out of 1st Group OD Delta. And a cop that I need your training. Why are you even writing me?” – Chief Del gaXXXXXXXXX@hotmail.com

Yes, I’m confused as to why you signed up for our free Knock Out Cheat Sheet on January 4th, 2016.

We DO NOT SPAM and only send information to people who contact us.

It’s interesting that you didn’t respond to the previous TWO FREE videos I sent you. I’m also confused as to why someone of your vast experience would have a need to learn self defense.

It sounds like you know it all. 

I found a better video. For free. That’s thought by a special forces man.” – Jamie B. jamieXXXXXXXX@icloud.com

OK Jaime. I think I see the issue here.

“Your training video technique would be categorized as lethal force for most if not all agencies.” – Tom H. tom.XXXXX@tomXXXX.net

This one isn’t exactly hate mail but what bothers me is that Tom feels compelled to tell me how I should present a technique.

My obligation is to teach you THE MOST EFFECTIVE means of defense. What I teach is not governed by any agency or department policy.

What is taught to most law enforcement agencies is liability based NOT performance based.

That means a group of pencil pushers evaluate a use of force curriculum and then decide from their comfy chairs what is accepted and unaccepted. In other words – they’re not going to let officers do anything that could get the government sued (can you say “choke hold”?)

My personal opinion is that these “accepted” techniques fail in real life.

Finally, as an adult, you don’t need to be given a disclaimer. I’m not going to waste your time with grandiose warnings. I stopped doing that years ago. 

It is ludicrous and naive to think that someone would stand in court after killing another human being with something they saw on the internet and say “Well your honor, I didn’t think it would kill him because there wasn’t a disclaimer.” 

“Well you know what I had 3 Guys kick the s*** out of me for no reason haven’t been able to get back to you nor do I have the money at the moment thank you for your time please remove me from your email I can barely breathe at the moment.” – Matthew B cXXXXX@hotmail.com

Now before you think Mathew is telling the truth…he isn’t. 

I receive messages every week from people who have been beaten and raped and the attitude is always – I’m going to do this as soon as I recover. Considering that Matt “can barely breathe” but still could muster the energy to type and email?!?!

If I could “barely breathe” I wouldn’t be wasting my time dealing with some random a-hole (me) that sent me some free stuff.   

Favorite Facebook Posts

These are responses to our advertisement for the free Knock Out Cheat Sheet – The 6 fastest ways to knock a man out with your bare hands.

The KO Cheat Sheet shows you exactly that, with the scientific explanation as to why it works. It doesn’t promise to make you a “Bad Ass” over night. I’m giving you straight answers for free that master who-flung-poo would make you sit in class for years to learn.

Here’s how you get the KO Cheat Sheet
You click HERE.
You put in your email
I send you the KO Cheat Sheet in your email.
In the meantime you’re sent to a page that says “THANK YOU – WE JUST SENT IT TO YOUR EMAIL” and you get a special offer on 60 Minute Self Defense.

That’s it, yet this still confuses some people. 

SPOILER ALERT: The Self Defense Company is a business. If you think there is value in what you see, great, if not, no problem. The post actually says “ADVERTISEMENT” on it. 

But this STILL doesn’t stop people from demonstrating their ignorance. 

Facebook Hate Posts come in come in three wonderful categories. 

Category 1: It’s BULLSHIT or a SCAM
These are people who think everything on the internet must be a lie. 

Category 2: All I Need is a Gun
The gunslingers think every situation can be solved by shooting someone. Which means they’ve never actually been in a real fight because:
1. They would have shot someone already and would not be posting it on Facebook.
2. They would know that most assaults happen from an extremely close range where you don’t have time to draw your weapon,
3. Shooting someone doesn’t mean the fight is over. It just means you’ve injured your target and the degree of that can vary greatly. 

Category 3: I’m an Expert
These guys are my favorite. The feel compelled to give their advice and resume in a post. It usually begins with “how long they’ve been doing something.”

The reality is this: if people actually valued your expertise, you would not feel compelled to post your unsolicited opinion on my advertised post.

I promise you if you started your own page/company I would not bother you with any posts.

HINT: Real experts, spec ops and other bad asses don’t comment negatively on other people’s posts.  

Robert N. Moffatt United States marine core here. This is so fake. I trained with some of the best and know how to disarm you in 7 seconds and will beat you with your own weapon.

Robert, you would think if you were representing the “CORP” you would spell it correctly. FYI – Robert did not get the KO Cheat Sheet. 

Michael Lee Mosby I’m too old and disabled to stand and fight or retreat. Besides that I refuse to get greasy. 50 yards out with a 45 would be my best defense.

So Mike, you’re plan is to kill a man from 50 yards away. I don’t think that is considered “self defense” in any state or country.

Matthew Bernier Hand to hand combat only matters if you’re in a building if you are 50 feet or 10 feet away from me or anybody they can kill you with a bullet especially a 357 Magnum which travels had a very fast speed and I would win or I should say people would win the bullet and many people play it safe they Cleary Buildings by throwing a grenade me I just throw C4 and I say clear detonate so anything in there is that due to C4 so that way I won’t have to deal with the hand to hand combat yes it’s good to know but you won’t have a chance I would you see for I’m a lot smarter than that.

“Smarter than that” by posting your intentions to use explosives for self defense on Face Book? So how exactly does that work…you get in an argument, excuse yourself, come back and set the charges in the building at a later time. Then wait for your target to come back and blow up the building, it’s contents and everyone else inside with it…makes perfect sense. 

Jeffrey Oleson Oleson I agree with that Micheal, you can fight more prepared with weapons and it is good you have combating skills too because a bullet is faster and more affective!

Jeff, I wish I knew what you were saying here. Holy cow, is that English?

Joe Bradney karate cant stop a bullet i weather have a fire arm to protect me then karate any day i took when was young.

Joe, I don’t know WEATHER you know Jeff or not?

Mike Mecredy I don’t have the time, I’ll stick with Mr. .38 spl (I pray I never have to actually use it).

Oh yes, firearms, the magic pill for self defense…or just an excuse to be lazy. You can’t shoot your way out of every situation, Tex. Most situations start with a kind word at a close distance.

Seth Overlord Reskie How bout this I’m too old for a ass wooping I’ll just shoot ya in the head lol. 

Right…that’s realistic. In other words, since you don’t know how to protect yourself, you’re just going to let people walk all over you until you feel you’re justified to kill them… 

…but with a name like “OVERLORD” I assume it’s your right to take human life at your discretion.

Darren Eddy I don’t always instantly kick ass…But when I do, I pull out my Simple 6 Step Cheat Sheet and I’m instantly the expert.

This is actually funny – but I should mention the advertisement says NOTHING about being an expert and kicking ass – it’s just a cheat sheet.

Justin Hall I trained all my children I have a 13 year old daughter that can kick your ass.

Who’s ass specifically? My ass, or anybody’s ass?
You’re setting your girl up for a rude awaking Jeff.
Knowing your limitations is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT and telling teenage girls that they can kick anyone’s ass is irresponsible.

Personally I didn’t taught my daughter how to “kick ass” like they do in the movies; I showed her how to ESCAPE AND SURVIVE like they do in real life.

I didn’t con her into thinking she was Bruce Lee.


Rob Wright Bare hands don’t have nothing on a .45 bullet.

Are you going to throw that bullet at me Rob? You better hope you have time enough to draw that hog because at 10 feet you have a gun fight, anything less is a real fight.

Cullen Bohannon I’ll stick with having a Glock encompassed in my training thank you.

Cullen, have you met Rob?

Larry Brown I was the weapon for long enough. Now I am old, and overweight. Prefer the .45.

You mean you got soft and lazy Larry. I hate to see a man give up on life.

Aaron Dewees Oh yeah? Hmmm… I smell. … bullshit!

It’s easy to say that when you didn’t even get the KO Cheat Sheet. It’s always easy to say NO.

It requires zero effort and commitment on your part.

Tom Mitchell Uh, NO way! I agree, any man that promises absolute results in a combat situation is living in fairy land! A knife, stick, gun or well-trained free hand, different results.

The truth is, there are definitely scientific ways to knock a grown man out and I give you the fastest ones known to man (or woman)…for FREE. Whether or not you choose to learn them and practice them is another story. 

PS. “Fairy Land” sounds a little homophobic (just sayin’).

Brian K Decoursey Any kind of martial arts is good I was almost Robbed awhile ago I use wing Chung the guy dint know what hit him .I have to say I felt bad after BC I don’t like to use martial arts in less I really have to .But I recommend any martial arts to learn.

Not all martial arts are good. In fact, most are not good.

Mark Lowry Potentially valuable information. ..maybe. ..”knock out any man…blah blah blah ” utter, shameful nonsense.

Mark did not get the KO Cheat Sheet. He also started off thinking the KO Cheat Sheet was a good idea, but obviously changed his mind by the end of his post.


Ray after you opt in we tell you to check your email. I guess that was too complicated for you. 

Thanks for joining me today and I hope you enjoyed this round of HATE MAIL. If you didn’t make this post, better luck next time. 

A few things you should know – I’m a real person, my experiences and stories are real. There are many people who actually know me and what I’m all about. I’m not made up and I’m pretty easy to find. 

That being said the one thing I take EXTREMELY seriously is CUSTOMER SERVICE. If the team get’s too busy or it’s off business hours I will pick up the phone or respond to your email. 

So when you think you’re sending and email or posting something to an automated machine…you’re not. 

Beyond my family and friends, the Self Defense Company Members are the most important people in my life and if they’re not happy, I’m not happy. 

Until Next Time, 

Train Honestly, 

Damian Ross
The Self Defense Company

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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company