I love these kids – ASU Students Push for New Self Defense Rules


A grassroots organization is pushing for a change to Arizona State University’s current banned weapons policy. The current policy includes banning firearms, knives longer than five inches and Mace. It does, however, allow self-defense chemical repellents.

“Our ability to defend ourselves is being infringed upon by the school,” said Josh Averett, a member of ASU Students for Self-Defense  <<< Click to LIKE . The organization of more than 70 people has a goal of changing the weapons policy at ASU.

“I believe everyone should carry a concealed firearm unless there’s a significant reason for them not to do so,” said Averett.

He says the policy needs to change to allow a variety of measures that could help a victim get out of sticky situation. 

“Sometimes you go out here at night and it’s not exactly the safest place,” Averett said. “I think people would feel a lot safer if they were able to defend themselves.”

ASU police say that in 2013, nine sex offenses were reported on campus, as well as 13 assaults. 

ASU senior Haley McGrath said she supports allowing things like pepper spray but allowing firearms is a bad idea.

“I think pepper spray is pretty much harmless yet effective,” McGrath said. “It’s not going to harm mass people, but it will help you if you get in a situation.” 

Organizers of ASU Students for Self-Defense said they plan to hold meetings and teach people self-defense measures. They also plan to lobby lawmakers and the university to change the law. 

Original Story by Jeff Van Sant


  1. restif 2 years ago

    Your own blog on the subject makes it clear that counting on a gun for self-defense makes little sense. Your SDTS Program would be infinitely more useful and less dangerous to innocent bystanders.

  2. restif 2 years ago

    One of the many problems with concealed carry is that for the most part you can’t carry precisely when and where you would need it most. Furthermore, most people clamoring for the right to carry don’t belong to a well-regulated militia. See the link below for the just the latest gun related disaster.  

  3. restif 2 years ago

    More food for thought . . . and look at the video at the end.

  4. DamianRoss 2 years ago

    restif I just saw this. For something that is considered an “anomaly” by experts – massacres are happening more and more.

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