The SDTS vs. Thai Boxing

The SDTS vs. Thai Boxing

Self Defense Company Instructor George Hutchings recently traveled to Thailand to train, learn and grow his passion and respect for the local fighting art.

As a Muay Thai Kru, I have also been involved with the Self Defense Company for over 6 years now. The most common question I get is why do I focus on both. I wanted to address this by giving some insight into how these two go hand in hand. I’ll first start by making it abundantly clear though that Muay Thai and Close Combat are two completely different animals. 

One must remember that Muay Thai falls into the realm of combat sports. There are rules. Close combat is not a system. It’s balls to the wall, do what you must to get back home to your family. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of war or coming home from the theatre with your family, violence can occur anywhere and you need to do what it takes to not be a victim. 

I teach Muay Thai because it focuses on becoming a better striker. With close combat you want to be able to attack and keep attacking until the threat is neutralized. Muay Thai focuses heavily on the use of knees and elbows. These tools are perfect in the streets. Many men and women have fought off attackers by utilizing these strikes. I’m a huge proponent for bettering your stand up and striking skills because when shit hits the fan you’re gonna need to be ready to take it to your assailant. 

Although Muay Thai may be the closest “system” to reality, there is NO substitute for learning true Self Defense and the SDC and the Self Defense Training System offers a complete A-Z solution for learning to protect yourself. 

George Hutchings

The Self Defense Company
Head of Instructor Development


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  1. I totally agree, muay Thai is the perfect addition to your self defense toolbox. I’ve trained close combat and muay Thai for years and imo the two can go fantastic together.

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