Instructor Troll Hunting

Troll Hunting will—

  • Increase traffic to your social media sites.
  • Increase affiliate sales of SDC Programs.
  • Protect the name and reputation of the SDC Brand against trolls.

Remember – YOU know the value of the programs…they do not.

You are the expert…not them.

Remember to POST as YOUR SDC Facebook Page. 

Ban and delete anyone you see fit.


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How to COMMENT as Your Page to Build Your Business, Protect Your Investment and Protect the SDC Name.

Approval comments and support comments are simple – just comment as your page and that’s that.

Rebuttal Comments to the Haters…we got a system.

Haters gonna hate – no stopping that and you can’t reason with crazy. I don’t care about the knucklehead making the stupid comment. You want to reach the reasonable person reading it.

One thing’s for sure – the person hating the SDTS has NEVER trained in any of our programs. 

There are a lot of assumptions people make about self defense that’s simply FALSE. Self defense in a lot like religion. It’s a subject on which EVERYONE has a strong opinion and most of them are simply wrong – based on prejudice, misconception and urban legend.

So I made it really simple for you to win ANY self defense argument. 

All comments can be placed into these categories:

  1. Guns
  2. Police and Military
  3. Damian Ross sucks
  4. It’s fake/doesn’t work
  5. It’s a scam/rip off
  6. I’m too old, out of shape, tired to do this.
  7. Martial arts are better
  8. You can’t learn from a video.
  9. It takes years to learn self defense

To give you the ammo to combat these – we’ve put together some posts (these are all in your affiliate program labeled accordingly).

If you see a comment – simply reply and cut an paste your link…AND THEN  LEAVE IT. Most people won’t read past one or two comments. Look, you can continue to reply if you want to. But don’t say too much.

*Remember, do not cut and paste these – you need to use the inks with your tracking code and they are located in your affiliate portal.

Always keep your responses short, one sentence then the post.

1. Gun Rebuttal – These are people who just comment “.45 is all I need” or “I’m too old for this, I just shoot” or anything in between.

No need to take them seriously, so respond with – “OK quickdraw, unfortunately  statistics tell another story”. and just post the link.


2. Police and Military Rebuttal – These are the people who don’t think they need self defense training because they were in the police or military. Your comment can be ” Thank you for your service, but what you learn as a cop or a soldier has nothing to do with personal self defense” and post the link below.


3. Damian Ross Sucks – These people love to make fun of technique. All you need to say is – “Wow, you must be amazing because that guy was a nationally ranked, division 1 college athlete in two sports and he has three black belts…” then post the link.


4. It doesn’t work – fake martial arts. Here are the guys and gals who think we just made this up. All you need to say is – “This is actually the first reality based self defense program that was used on three continents through 3 world wars before political correctness crushed it. In fact, it’s a more legitimate combat system than anything taught today.”

Then post the link.


5. It’s a Scam – These people think we’re trying to rip them off. That’s easy for you because you know different. “Well I’ve been training in the system for years, and it’s the best I’ve ever seen. But don’t just believe me, there are thousands more just like me.”

Post the link:

Remember – This guy didn’t do it or he MAYBE purchased something and didn’t view it. I will tell you that well over 90% of people who complain and purchased the program NEVER ever looked at it. I know, I can log in and see what they’ve done. :)

6. Too Old – Disabled – These people think we’re teaching martial arts. We all know you can really get after the SDTS, but you don’t have to in order to benefit. In response I would say “First, his isn’t martial arts, it’s an education. We have many SDTS members who are probably worse off then you…have you met Ed…?

Post link

7. Martial Arts are not self defense – Here are the people who say “You need to spend years training in martial arts” or “find a qualified instructor” or anything else that has to do with time in training or a martial art.

Your response “Martial arts is not self defense. Self defense is an instinct and you don’t need years to learn something that can come naturally – the SDTS is designed to enhance your instinct. There is no sport, no ceremony, only core combat techniques and tactics in a modern learning platform.


8. You can’t learn from a video. These are martial artists again who are threatened by what we do.

Your reply – “Sure, while we’re at it, let’s burn all the books too, since you can’t learn from them either. Look, this isn’t martial arts, its self defense put into a modern accelerated learning platform with on demand videos and live coaching. (put your SDTS referral partner link)

9. It takes years to learn self defense. Martial arts at it again. Fact is, it shouldn’t take you years to learn something that should be an instinct.

Please CONTACT US with any questions or if you have a comment you need help with.

Good Luck out there.

Damian and the SDC Instructor Team.