Interview with a knucklehead - More Anti Gun Rhetoric – The Self Defense Company

Interview with a knucklehead – More Anti Gun Rhetoric

Interview with a knucklehead – More Anti Gun Rhetoric

We get an email from Richard L regarding our Body Armor…

“Instead, how about we better and more complete ownership background checks, have owner testing, similar to a drivers license and outlaw “military” style weapons. This would help drive down firearms killings and accidents.

Sorry, but the NRA and your company’s method hasn’t worked well. Besides, the 2nd Amendment was written FOR A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT REASON IN A COMPLETELY WORLD.”

So customer service responds asking him if he would like to purchase Body Armor – Richards response…


In fact, Richard doesn’t even own any Body Armor which begs the question…

If Richard is so concerned with gun violence and that it’s seriously threatening our very existence then why wouldn’t he take steps to protect himself and his loved ones???

That would be the FASTEST short term solution to his issue with the 2nd amendment. Protect yourself first against the imminent threat and then…protect and post against the 2nd Amendment.

Because in your heart of hearts…you’re full of shit. 

I’m sure you don’t like guns — but your attitude against guns is NOT that serious, so please DON’T WASTE MY TIME.

If the house were on fire you would do something about it..immediately.

If you really thought you were going to get shot…you would do something about it.

BTW…since slavery is no longer an issue Rich..let’s ban the 13th Amendment while we’re at it!


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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. Ok, on this I must comment. You are wrong. Let’s start with the last comment about the 13th Amendment, slavery is still rampant in the world and the U.S., however it is now called human trafficking, but let’s put that aside. The main argument is if there were no guns, how many gun deaths would there be? At my last count, which was a couple of weeks ago, the U.S. had had over 285 mass shooting in 2018, and this is a recurring issue every year. How many mass shooting are there in Japan or England or for that matter the Great White North (yea)? The more guns there are, the more death there is. America, stop hiding behind the 2nd Amendment, unless of course you believe that killing is a right.

    1. Hey Mike…so you know the purpose of the post was to expose the guy’s lack of belief in his position.

      If Rich really believes there’s a gun control problem…and he’s done nothing about it to increase his own personal safety – other than tell us we should restrict YOUR RIGHT to protect yourself…I have a big problem with this.

      That’s like saying “You can’t teach that to people because they can use it to commit a crime.”

      This is like the argument against self defense training – “Why do I need this, I’ll just call the cops.”

      “Why do I need personal armor, YOU SHOULD MAKE IT ILLEGAL.”

      BTW – I’m constantly busting on gun nuts too…, so I’m consistent. However…I do support the 2nd Amendment…and I do believe we need to continue to improve on what we do through proper information and risk management..not bigger government.

      Now it’s obviously you were triggered with the 2nd Amendment – we can talk about that if you like. But it wasn’t the point of the post.

  2. Hi Damian, I see your point, however I’m coming at this from a Canadian perspective. I believe your point is that if he is living in the States and is concerned about gun violence he should take more precautions to protect himself. However where does living in fear end and living in peace and safety begin?
    There’s an old saying, I’m sure you’ve heard it, “the pen is mightier than the sword or gun”, I think this refers to that there is power in speech… in communication and this is so true. Hitler could not have progressed to what he became if it weren’t for his oratory skills. What I’m getting at is there’s more power for this Richard if he lobbies the government for more and effective gun control, if he educates people in the ideals of peace instead of violence.
    Maybe if he verbalizes his concerns to one person and they, in turn, do the same and so on and so on… then maybe your government and the populace takes this seriously and can reform both the 2nd Amendment and save the lives of the next person shot with an automatic or semi-automatic handgun.
    By the way it’s nice to have a conversation and an exchange of ideas with you.

  3. Dear Richard,

    How about you actually learn about firearms and the issues before commenting.

    It strikes me that it is incredibly stupid for anyone to be against people purchasing body armor for safety and security. No matter what the topic there are is always the worse case scenario. Hell that is why the Self Defense company exists, because some people would rather accept the realities of the world and be ready then whine about how one should not have to use violence. Most victims were just minding their own business when tragedy, so being able to survive an attack to escape or do something about it seems like a pretty good idea.

    Now as to your trolling points….

    Care to backup your claim that self defense with firearms doesn’t work or how the courts have ruled against your way of thinking? You’ll find shockingly as many anti-gun groups have there are tens of thousands of incidents where people used firearms to defend themselves and the vast majority of which didn’t lead to homicide. The figures are far higher then the number of gun deaths every year and sadly most of those are suicides. One would think that was a mental health issue, but because people like yourself are insecure about firearms and personnel responsibility we keep passing laws that do nothing to help.

    As to the Constitution it was written in a different time, and that is why we have amendments that allow it to grow and the courts. The founders had just fought a war against their central government and while they were forging a Republic which they hoped to give everyone a say they knew they might have to do it again, so they made sure the PEOPLE would be armed. If you’re naive enough to think civil war, invasion, or anarchy can’t occur well it isn’t about the constitution being outdated it’s about you not understanding reality. Now I don’t think anyone wishes for things to go wrong, but wouldn’t it be a good idea to have the tools to set things right again.

    Can you even tell me what the background check is like in your state? You do know everyone goes through a federal one with the exception of private sales which are very small. A number of states insist on safety courses and showing you’re competent before they clear you to have a weapon. Now shooting is a perishable skill so you need to practice. Mental health screening are also an option, but the bottomline is those people in your community your scared of have been vetted. What we need is for a more open society so if a firearms own is having issues they know they can get help and if they show they’re healthy they won’t lose their rights.

    You complete background check what would that include? How some one votes? Their politics? Are they politically correct? I imagine with your ideal background check there is no appealing denials and an offhand remark from a practical stranger can deny someone.

    What exactly is a military style firearm? Well since you have no idea it is a weapon that looks similar to a military grade weapon, but isn’t and military grade weapons haven’t been in available for decades. Oh there are a few out there in the hands of collectors, but you don’t hear about them being used in crimes and few were even prior to the ban. Also some of the most brutal weapons aren’t military grade. Once again you’ve bought into a made up term that you don’t understand, but because it sounds scary you’re screaming about it. Any rifle can be an assault rifle.

    It’s good to see you pretend to care about people. We have to look at what causes violence though. If you actually examined things you’d know we’re in a violent time and a person’s method shouldn’t be the issue. Flying a plane into a building, running down a crowd with a truck, or building simple bombs instead of using firearms isn’t a success. Things have actually gotten worse, but medicine has improved so we’re saving more people. As to accidental death that goes back to responsibility which comes with anything that is potentially dangerous.

    Please don’t comment about things you don’t understand.

  4. William, you come across as a paranoid, bitter, uneducated person. Please don’t use hyperbole and try to use statistics when you can cite some actual research. I concur with you “Please don’t comment about things you don’t understand.

  5. to enjoy peace, prepare for war.
    it is better to be a warrior in a garden, then a gardener in a war.
    “Thosewho would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” -benjamin franklin

    you are your own first responder. self rescue is the most effective rescue.

    “Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem.” -thomas jefferson
    translated: “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery” 

    these are very simple concepts. and like with the self defense system, living a conceptual system lifestyle provides an immediate and ending response to your specific situation rhetoric. want to know how and what I think, I refer you to the words of wisdom above.

    you either want freedom, as is insured by the people being equally or more powerfully armed than their government.
    or you want slavery for lies and falsehoods of “safety” and “security”

  6. ‘Hitler could not have progressed to what he became if it weren’t for his oratory skills.’ Hitler also wouldn’t have progressed if he hadn’t disarmed the populace that was a possible threat to his rule. So, make sure you use the whole story and not use msm style blinders to bolster your argument.

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