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“Discover the Secret to REAL Striking Power, Physical and Mental Toughness and Becoming LETHAL in the Street.

Every Ancient Fighting Art has Done this to Prepare for Combat, Yet it’s the SINGLE, Most IGNORED and misunderstood Aspect of All Self Defense Training Until Now…”



A little over the top…?
Well not really if you think about it…

Kung Fu used Iron Palm Training, Karate used the Makiwara, Bare Knuckle Prize Fighters used to brine their hands and punch bags of sand. In fact ALL ancient forms of close combat conditioned their bodies to not only deliver punishment,
but to TAKE IT!

So Why Don’t Martial Artist Do this Anymore?

Simply put, this type of training is not “good business”.
It hurts, it takes time to be done CORRECTLY and
most people would QUIT after the first session.

Plus, martial arts have become SPORTS. You wear gloves to protect your hands. You hit pads and soft bags and when you accidentally hit your training partner’s elbow or skull…YOU STOP BECAUSE IT HURTS….and then you apologize.

…and that’s a luxury you don’t have in the street!

We Will Show You How to SCIENTIFICALLY and METHODICALLY Toughen Your Natural Weapons and Vulnerable Target Areas….

  • Build Your Attack Weapons: Condition your edge of hand, hammer fist, forearms, forefist, backfist, elbows, shoulders, head for head-butts, hips, knees, shins, insteps, heels to deliver BRUTAL and POWERFUL attacks.
  • Fortify Your Vulnerable Target Areas: Harden your jaw, neck, throat, solar plexus, kidneys, bladder, groin, inner thighs, temple and prepare ALL of your soft areas.
  • Strangle and Submissions: How to build real “kill power” with static training your chokes and joint locks.

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In the Street there are no gloves, no control, no sparring, no ref...I mean to really hit someone in the Real World Requires THIS type of TRAINING.

And what happens when they move (and they will) and you connect with an elbow, skull or one of the many hard and pointy parts of the human body? You guessed it...You're going to SHATTER your brittle, little bones!

Oh and that's only if they're wearing street clothes...imagine if you're a soldier and you punch an enemy in his helmet or AK-47?

What if you're trying to take down and active shooter who's wearing full body armor and strapped with weapons?

Now look before you think I've lost my mind by even suggesting this type of radical preparation...
....Do you really believe you're going to be able to STRIKE a helmet or a firearm with a bare fist?


You WILL have much less of a chance of injury if you CORRECTLY prepare your natural weapons with
the Iron Fist Program. 

Iron Fist

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