Is an Armed Person more Dangerous than an Unarmed Person?

Is an Armed Person more Dangerous than an Unarmed Person?


The answer is unequivocally YES!

Dangerous = able or likely to cause harm or injury.

Whether you are legally or illegally armed – an armed person is more dangerous than an unarmed person.

Yet, all conceal carry people have a serious issue with this fact.

Look, I’m a second amendment person – and the simple fact you arm yourself is to use deadly force if needed – which by definition makes you more dangerous than an unarmed person. 

If you’re armed legally, or illegally I have no way of knowing your intent, skill level and proficiency.

In the street – I don’t know who you are…and I want to know as much about my surroundings as possible…and that means, I’m sizing you up and you should do the same.

If you’re armed I know this about you…

  • You are willing to use deadly force if needed.
  • You understand that the use of violence is possible and necessary.

The same can be said for ANYONE who trains and prepares to deal with violence — ME INCLUDED!!!

The real question is – is anyone who practices any form of self defense more dangerous than someone who doesn’t – YES!!! (it’s the reason we do it).

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