Kill or Be Killed #145 I disagree with Joe Rogan About Self Defense – The Self Defense Company

Kill or Be Killed #145 I disagree with Joe Rogan About Self Defense

Kill or Be Killed #145 I disagree with Joe Rogan About Self Defense

Gavin DeBecker author of “Gift of Fear” – which is essential reading for SDC Instructors, debated Joe Rogan on “what it takes to learn self defense”.

Joe is of the Martial Arts mind that you should learn BJJ and that it takes years to get proficient…Gavin has a different more realist idea based on many years in this specific area. Check it out as George and I break down the debate.

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  1. Love the video guys. Agree with everything you said about the Joe Rogan episode. I also have to laugh at the Gracie video. I can laugh because I not only was taught these techniques (I have a blue belt in BJJ) but was going through a program for a while to teach these exact Gracie Combatives techniques (in the same way that guy teaches them). I could go on a diatribe about the reality of training these techniques versus what they say will “happen” when you know those techniques but for this comment all I will say is sorry you are really going to get hurt trying these.

    1. Thanks Cameron. And yes…it’s just proves the old saying “if all I had was a hammer, everything would look like a nail.” Its just shows how far and deep people’s lack of understanding about real self defense. Would your average person do body lock into an armbar on someone who is much larger than them?

      Joe talks about someone training to develop the skill set to control someone much larger…what if that same amount of effort was put into SDTS training? Striking, weapons, all of it…hoe much faster would someone get up to speed?

      Supplementing with a martial art like BJJ (though I prefer Judo because of the emphasis on a position of dominance) is good. But only a few months of it and you will develop a bit of a defense for when you “miss”.

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