KOBK 111 Knife Throwing for Self Defense

KOBK 111 Knife Throwing for Self Defense

Can you…should you throw a knife for self defense…is throwing away a perfectly good weapon at your attacker EVER a good idea? We break down some popular movie clips and even check out knife throwing self defense from a world champion and even…RUSSIAN SPECIAL FORCES…. in this episode of the Kill of Be Killed Podcast.

Please post comments below – and if you have a video you would like us to break down, just post the link in the comments!

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  1. Great video Damian and George.
    In summary, throwing a knife at an attacker for self-defense means:
    1. You’ve given up your weapon which gave you an advantage (are you trying to lose/die at this point?),
    2. You haven’t killed or even seriously injured your attacker because the knife likely bounced off the attacker (great, you’ve just pissed him off a bit more),
    3. The attacker now has access to the weapon you just tossed at him and could potentially use it against you (good work, now he can pick up the knife and stab you), and
    4. The much bigger attacker, if by some miracle isn’t armed, is far more likely to close in on you because you just tossed away your weapon (perfect, now that 250 pound monster is going to rush, tackle, and slam you on the concrete).
    So great job, you’ve just made a bad situation into an impossible situation. But of course it is all “tactical.”

    1. Hi Paul I assume you meant “Army” and I can only guess that you’re saying that the US Army teaches knife throwing…I’m going to assume what you’re saying is true – it wouldn’t be the first time the US military did something useless and ineffective when it came to hand to hand combat…or anything else for that matter.

      Assuming you were able to penetrate an arm with a knife…NO WHAT?? That is no guarantee that the target is incapacitated.

      Knife throwing is pretty much a useless skill.

    1. Paul – the laws of physics are just that LAWS. Gravity is constant and the blade decelerates…I agree, the “spin” would add to the deceleration…but probably not as much as you think.

      I took the following from a formula posted for the deceleration of a bullet.

      Let’s start off by writing down all the forces the knife experiences from the moment it leaves your hand all the way to the moment it lands in the target or on the ground:

      𝐹⃗ 𝑔=βˆ’π‘šπ‘”π‘¦Μ‚
      where 𝑦̂ is a unit vector pointing upwards, and that’s why there’s a minus sign there, to make it point downwards.

      Drag force:
      𝐹⃗ 𝑑=βˆ’12πœŒπ‘£2𝐢𝐷𝐴𝑣̂
      which is in the opposite direction of the knofe velocity. 𝜌 is the density of air, 𝑣 is the speed of the knife, 𝐴 is the cross section of the knife, and 𝐢𝐷 is the drag coefficient. Similarly, 𝑣̂ is a unit vector pointing in the direction of the velocity of the knife.

      Now that you have all the forces, you just need to plug them in Newton’s equation of motion to calculate the trajectory of the knife:

      𝐹⃗ π‘‘π‘œπ‘‘=π‘šπ‘Žβƒ—
      where 𝐹⃗ π‘‘π‘œπ‘‘=𝐹⃗ 𝑔+𝐹⃗ 𝑑, and π‘Žβƒ— is the acceleration vector. π‘š is the mass of the knife.

      Now all you need to do is solve this differential equation. The further than the given distance, the increase in the drag coefficient.

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