KOBK 109 Killing

KOBK 109 Killing

Killing...is a dirty word in the martial arts. We don't "talk" about killing, yet we trade on the reputation of being "trained killers" - we practice techniques that we think are "lethal" and while we dedicate our time to honing these deadly techniques - we tell ourselves we are non-violent and we train to fight so we "don't have to fight."

But do we really know "how to kill?"

In 2006 Carl and I created the definitive program "on killing" called Operation Phoenix . This program was for our Instructors only and in 2007 Carl passed away and the instructor program was dissolved. I thought this program was lost until I discovered it while cleaning out an old file cabinet not so long ago. This program is NOT meant for the public. However, the information is too valuable to let it die a lonely death. So every so often we open it up and let a few people in.


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  1. This was the most interesting stuff. I knew some things that you mentioned but not all. Mr.Cestari is the real deal, you could see that and feel that just by watching him teach in the OS series. Got me hooked on WW2 Combatives ever since. I could listen to this for hours. Thanks!

    1. 100%. As soon as you hear his voice…the delivery – it comes from a place most people don’t know our understand. That’s also why I STOPPED collaborating with a lot of people…they’re nice, but they don’t know. Some my look the part, but that’s it.

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