KOBK 112 Social Media Attack on Self Defense

KOBK 112 Social Media Attack on Self Defense

KOBK_112_Social_Media_Attack_on_Self_Defense from Damian Ross on Vimeo.

Politics are not the only item on the social media censorship hit list - over the last few years there has been a ban on products and content that promotes violence. It started with a ban on gun advertisers and the latest - a stoppage of all products dealing with personal safety...holsters, body armor and other self defense items. 

This isn't new...and it goes much deeper than that...

In this episode of KOBK we talk about the ban and what this censorship is doing to your ability to DEFEND and PROTECT... incidentally, here's the lasted notice we got from Facebook about out Police Training Pack Product listing...keep in mind we;ve had this program on Facebook since August of 2020. 



In honor of the ban…we’re selling the Police Training Pack at a deep discount :)

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  1. It’s been a gradual process (like it always is). First they stop any images of violence. Then they stopped any images of weapons, then language and now…this.

    Violence is part of human nature and it’s not going away soon…and you can’t wish it away.
    Violence needs to be STUDIED, UNDERSTOOD and DEALT WITH properly.

    1. Great video Damian and George. 100 percent agree. Pretending there isn’t violence doesn’t help anyone and Lt. Col Grossman effectively detailed in his books that, at least in the U.S., we are in more violent times than before. As a side note the idea that social media is even restricting advertisements for gun safes is particularly disturbing.

        1. The end goal in my opinion, is that they want to actually increase more gun violence so that they can get people behind removing the 2 amendment. Look at the capital bow, they are trying to pass a bill to keep House members from bringing in firearms. When the Capitol was “stormed” no House members incited violence.

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