KOBK 113 - Krav Maga Secrets Revealed – The Self Defense Company

KOBK 113 – Krav Maga Secrets Revealed

KOBK 113 – Krav Maga Secrets Revealed

KOBK_113_Krav_Maga_Secrets_Revealed from Damian Ross on Vimeo.

In this episode Kill or Be Killed Krav Maga Secrets Revealed 😲  we break down some of the webs most popular Krav Maga self defense techniques and tactics to see how they work and more to the point…IF THEY WOULD WORK.

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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. Great video guys. I trained in Krav Maga a couple years ago in the states of Colorado and Arizona and remember doing a lot of what was shown in those videos. I agree 100 percent that the tactics in many of those scenes were very risky at best and I agree that many if not all of those attacks are completely unrealistic. I am more than a little unnerved that so many people train at Krav Maga schools that teach those scenarios and those tactics. I think that type of training may make them overconfident in their abilities and cause potentially worse things to happen to them in a real encounter. I don’t have anything against people who train in that system but I think they might be overconfident.

    1. Yes, overly confidant is dangerous, especially if trained in complex defensive “showy” maneuvers with less than “efficient” optimal force to vital areas. I appreciated Damian and George comments about “shutting down the computer”. All intent to harm originates from the brain, e.g. from “thoughts, plans, actions, determination, and will to harm or worse”. So breaking a finger or other pain compliance techniques, will not stop a forceful aggressor, especially if highly determined, sadistic, or using stimulant drugs. On the other hand, blunt trauma to the brain, from repeated edge of hand or other forceful blows to the head and/or neck regions can do the job quickly. I think those of us who seriously train in self-defense, take no pleasure in hurting another, but we understand their are those who do. Damian and his instructors give us the proven skills to survive. So if ever needed, stand strong my self-defense brothers and sisters, and go home to your loved ones!!!

  2. I totally enjoy these podcasts, you are doing a fine job. Most interesting and informative. And Damian, please man, just keep on talking and commenting because in those comments there is so much truth, not only about for instance Krav, but rather our own SDTS that I listen to your “rants” with particular pleasure and interest. You could host Bill on Kill or be killed podcast as well. From the little that I heard him talk in the webinars, I could tell that he is very knowledgeable and eloquent as well. I have been a fan and a student of WW2 methods and of SDTS for a very long time now, yet I learn new things and reassure the already learned things in each podcast. Thanks guys.


  3. I feel like the bayonet against pads demo… he didn’t take ground because he did want to destroy the pads.

    1. RIGHT! and there in lies the problem that people miss. We all know training is about developing habits. Not taking ground because you don’t want to damage the pads STILL develops the bad habit of not taking ground. Just like pulling your strikes so as not to injure your partner.

      You never know what is going to “come out” in a real fight.

      There was a story from long ago about the California Highway Patrol. This was back when they used revolvers. After they would train at the range, they were told to police their brass. What happened was when they were using their firearms in deadly force encounters, the cops subconsciously LEFT COVER to pick up their brass.

      No one would have EVER guessed that they would risk their own lives to pick up a few cents worth of spent casings, but that habit was subconsciously developed and it came out when they were under stress.

      This is also why TRAINING TO WAIT for your attacker to attack is an AWFUL practice that is taught in about 99.999% of all self defense classes.

      Grat comment Dave.

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