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KOBK 118 BJJ Self Defense Fail

KOBK 118 BJJ Self Defense Fail


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  1. Awesome video guys. In addition to other martial arts training over the years, I’ve been training in BJJ (more just for fun than anything else) for almost 2 years and have seen this exact BJJ frame + guillotine move being taught to women as a means of self defense. I also see the overused wrist grab defenses but that is a whole other rant.
    Also, having been the training partner for a woman doing this exact move I definitely agree that in the training center you basically go at 30% intensity with no violent intent and then basically allow the person to do the strangle. If you were to crank up the intensity any more you would basically run over them unless they were really strong (which sort of defeats the purpose of the move since it is supposed to work against bigger stronger people). It also never works when you try to do something similar when you are semi-sparring. When actually practicing the move sometimes the choke barely works and you tap (because of “safety”) which is a completely unrealistic reaction. Even disregarding the fact that you are unlikely to get into the perfect position to do the strangle in a real altercation I noticed something interesting about those types of chokes. I can’t speak to the many other people that practice a similar move but at least at my training center there have only been 2 people who I thought could pull that move off in a real fight (and I am definitely not one of them); one was a 6 foot 210 pound super strong beast of a guy and the other was a purple belt instructor who has trained it for 7+ years. In theory BJJ allows you to use leverage and angles and positions to overcome a bigger person but even in simple grappling sparring the when the intensity is close to competition level it is very difficult is to pull off chokes that are pretty well locked in. And that is not even close to real life fight or flight intensity. Anyway that was a bit of a rant but again thank you for the video.

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