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KOBK 120

In this episode…BJJ instructor challenges…me with his student…plus more martial arts nonsense.

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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. Damian, you’re remarkably lively for a dead guy. This challenge bozo, Steve, sounds like some drop out adolescent from an old, cheap kung fu move. Cripes, grow up bozo. I also can’t believe people complain about the pittance you guys charge for the fabulous stuff you do. Every program and every lesson I’ve watched from you is great, down to earth stuff. And George’s instructor help is patient and fabulous — Bob T.

    1. Thanks Bob – Yeah, I feel pretty good for being dead.

      Look – there are three types of people who join –
      1. People who really wan to protect themselves and loved ones.
      2. People who already have their own agenda looking to troll the SDTS.
      3. People who think it’s a good idea, but never do anything.

      Most of them never really watch anything. It’s kind of a shame.

  2. Awesome video guys.
    It doesn’t surprise me that a BJJ person would challenge you; it is actually the typical childish response you might get from them. I hope this doesn’t turn into a long rant but, because I’ve researched this and studied BJJ, I thought maybe I could add to the discussion. There is actually a long history of BJJ people challenging other martial artists and combat sport practitioners in Brazil before it came to the U.S. But what BJJ practitioners don’t tell you is that they lost nearly as many of these matches as they won. BJJ has a mythos about its patriarch being ultra small (more reliable sources put him around average height and 175 pounds, so not very small) having “hundreds” of fights (more like challenge matches in comfortable locations) when the evidence only shows he had a couple actual matches. Further, as you all have pointed out in previous posts, he got destroyed by Kimura in one such match. But BJJ people just push it aside or say Kimura won because he was the best ever….I know this response because I’ve asked a bunch of BJJ practitioners of different levels about this exact thing. Anyway I bring this all up because this is a mindset of BJJ people today. It has a mindset of “we are BJJ and we can beat anyone with leverage.” They got used to challenge matches where strikers could not actually strike them in any meaningful way…..no challenge match ever ended when the striker wacked the other in the throat. This is very different from SDTS. What makes SDTS so unique is that it is about survival and protecting yourself by whatever means necessary…..not proving yourself in some fixed fight so you can feel good about yourself.

    1. Great insight Cameron…

      It’s funny, when they challenge me…you would think they would take the time to look at my bio…anyway. BJJ did a great job of marketing themselves and creating a venue for success.

      They took advantage of something every judoka, wrestler and boxer knew about 90% of martial arts…they were paper tigers. Point sparring and believing that every strike was a kill – wrestling and judo could have done the same thing ad BJJ, but they didn’t because they have the NCAA and the Olympics. Really no need. The Gracies did an amazing job of creating a venue based on Japan’s PRIDE series, to build the brand. The only problem they had is that they couldn’t build the UFC into what it has become.

      In the 80’s the Gracies would hold seminars and roll around with anyone who would go…Carl attended one of their seminars and said the Gracies were complete gentleman. That being said, any time they came to a competent judoka or wrestler they stalemated or lost. Wrestlers, who don’t know any submissions, would just pin them.

      The UFC itself was designed for a grappler. Based on that they learned from the Kimura fight, soft mat slows down better fighters, absorbs being thrown to the ground and doesn’t allow a striker to pivot his foot.
      You should also note that the papers in Brasil referred to Gracie as a 6th dan in JUDO, no BJJ. BJJ is newaza from Judo – look at M.Kaiwasihi’s book my method of judo and you will see EVERY BJJ move ever imagined.

      Judo focused on tachiwaza for the Olympics because it emphasized throwing and the samurai spirit of ikken hitastsu (one strike one kill). If you google Kosen Judo you will also see a full compliment of ground fighting skills. This was practiced by high schools in the North of Japan. It was only because of the Olympics and Kano’s focus on standing techniques that Judo largely ignored ground fighting.

      That being said – BJJ is smart because you can learn ground fighting 10 times faster than standing. In Japan there’s a saying 1 year for newaza, 10 years for tachiwaza – I don’t know how accurate this is, but the fact remains, its easier to learn how to ground fight…plus…

      Ground fighting requires a lot less room than standing and there’s less chance of getting hurt. So you can cram a lot of people in a small space.

      BJJ also took the “smart” approach” of not having a formalized grading system and left promotion to the discretion of the instructor. Some local barras might have their own syllabus, but promotion is still based on how the instructor feels.

      My problem with BJJ…NEVER choose the ground – it’s heading you for a world of trouble and there is no sense of urgency. Which is all you have in the street.

      Oh and the “90% of all fights go to the ground” is a made up statistic that has no basis in reality. No one keeps track of such things.

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