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Private Online Self Defense Training

“Get Live, Private Instruction From the Comfort of Your Own Home with a Certified, Expert Instructor.”


What You Get for Your Dollar:

  • Private, online lesson from a certified Instructor
  • A plan of action based on your needs and abilities
  • A course of action that fits your schedule
  • Get Globally Recognized Promotion Certification
  • No one needs to come to your home, one click and start

Single Self Defense Lesson

Live, On-line Lesson $95

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"I highly enjoy my training sessions! My Instructor was extremely thorough in his approach & finding out what my goals were in contacting them. He made the session enjoyable & impactful; letting me know what to expect from him. On the spot, he mentally devised a game plan that he envisioned would take me where I wanted to go in the shortest amount of time. Being a fitness studio owner, it's important to save time & learn as much as possible to help enhance my business. So I scream "THANK YOU" Instructor Hutchings for your expertise, knowledge, & caring heart!

I greatly look forward to our future sessions!
Best is ahead! Blessings..."

Smiley Elmore Jr, PhD
Smiley Elmore Jr, LLC
Owner, Smiley's Champion Fitness

Save with Live Lesson  Packages

10 Lesson block Self Defense

10 Lessons for $850

One Lesson Per Month

$85 per month or $918 per year

Two Lessons Per Month

$150 per month or $1,650 per year

platinum membership

Four Lessons Per Month

$540 per month or $5,830 per year