LIVE Webinar: The Mistakes Experts Teach that will GET YOU KILLED

This Thursday at 8:30 pm Eastern US-Canada time Self Defense Company Instructor George Hutchings (with special guest Damian Ross) is hosting a LIVE webinar and they’re going to DESTROY the myths, misconceptions that you have been made to believe about self defense. 

On Thursday at 8:30 pm go to: or just call 716-293-8913 and use PIN 30797

Myths busted…

  • The truth about weapon disarms
  • Why blocking DOESN’T work in the street
  • How ALL martial arts and self defense train you to LET YOUR ATTACKER get the first punch
  • Why sparring ISN’T needed for Self Defense
  • The harsh reality about a “fighting stance”
  • Why you are TRAINING TO WAIT
  • Martial Arts Folklore – how rumors TURN INTO FACT 
  • The truth about Chi and the DEATH TOUCH.
  • The myth about GUNS for SELF DEFENSE

This is ONE webinar you don’t want to miss…your life actually does depend on it. 

This Thursday, July 27 at 8:30pm Eastern – go to: or just call 716-293-8913 and use PIN 30797

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