A few weeks ago I shared an article about a local cop from Franklin Lakes, NJ who shot himself in the foot when responding to a call about two German shepherds running loose in a neighborhood. 

The headline was “Franklin Lakes Officer Shoots Foot After Dog Attack” 

FRANKLIN LAKES – The police officer who shot himself in the foot last week was attacked by two German shepherds before wounding himself, according to records.

Patrol Officer David Blum responded to a home on Cobblestone Court around 2 p.m. Feb. 17 to reports of two German shepherds “running loose” on the property, according to a police report obtained through a public records request.

The dogs “charged” at a juvenile girl who was dropped off at a nearby school bus stop, according to the report.

Blum fired his weapon 10 minutes after the initial call for service came in, wounding himself in the foot, according to the report. He was also bitten in the leg by one of the dogs, the report states.

TYCO Animal Control was called to quarantine the dogs, according to the report. Neither was injured.

Blum was taken to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center in Paterson and was out of the hospital by Feb. 20, according to police.

The article is here.

When you read this you think the cop showed up, lost control, panicked and shot himself in the foot. 

Well…this IS NOT what happened. 

What really happened is this…

Officer Blum responded to the call of two German Shepherds terrorizing the neighborhood. These weren’t pets, these were ATTACK TRAINED German Shepherds.

He went to the house where the two dogs charged him. 

When he reacted, he slipped and fell on the ice landing flat on his back and the dogs pounced on him.

He drew is weapon (while the dogs were biting him) and fired a shot OVER THE DOG’S HEADS, hoping to scare them off.

One reacted and ran away, the other kept biting his foot and was not going to stop.

The officer shot the dog’s head, the bullet passed through the dog and the officer’s foot, which was in the dogs mouth.

A little different than what was reported. I don’t know who’s responsible for reporting the news over there, but HOLY CRAP. It’s bad enough out there….let’s not make it worse. 

Train (and Report) Honestly, 

Damian Ross

Founder, The Self Defense Company

  1. john 2 months ago

    This is a false story. As I’ve seen the video footage from the home security system. He was waiting at the top of the street. No dogs were outside at that point, he then proceeded to PULL INTO THE DRIVEWAY instead of waiting on the street and disregard the GUARD DOG ON PROPERTY sign. He pulled into the drive and the dogs were barking at the door. He waited in his vehicle until they went to the back of the house. Then proceeded to exit the vehicle and the dogs came back. He slipped and fell and one dog bit his leg. The dogs then ran away, as they were running he fired two shots one hitting his own foot and another towards the house. Get your facts straight. Horrible policing as always from franklin lakes PD.

    • Anonymous 2 months ago

      I agree with John. These are guard dogs and the police was on their property, what do you expect a guard dog to do? talk to the police?

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