Med Student Saves Girl

Med Student Saves Girl

Medical Student Peter Gold Saves Girl and Makes Full Recovery

  • Peter Gold, 25, shot in stomach early November 20, when he tried to help when he saw suspect dragging woman toward SUV 
  • NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison praised Gold for his heroic act
  • Tulane offering $10,000 reward for information leading to suspect’s arrest 
  • UPDATE: Suspect Arrested!


The Good Samaritan, Peter Gold, was committing an extremely ‘selfless act’ when he intervened after he saw the suspect dragging the woman toward an SUV, New Orleans’ police chief said.

Gold saw what was happening and stopped his car, at which point the suspect demanded money then ‘became enraged’ and shot Gold in the gut after the victim told the gunman he had no cash.

Chief Harrison said: ‘There’s no greater selfless act than to stop and help someone perhaps who you don’t know, for reasons you don’t know.’

He also had a message for the suspect.  

‘Let me make that clear you can’t hide and run. We are going to catch you,’ Chief Harrison said. 

While Gold was on the ground cradling his wound, the suspect stood over him and attempted to shoot him again in the head but the ‘large automatic firearm’ he was using jammed and didn’t fire.

The suspect, described as a black male wearing a dark colored hooded sweatshirt, took the unnamed woman’s purse and fled from the scene in the SUV.  

Gold, a fourth-year student, was taken to the hospital and remains in ‘guarded’ condition. 

He expected to make a full recovery from his wounds. 

The woman was treated for minor injuries and released. 


Euric Cain, the man indicted in the shooting of Tulane medical student Peter Gold, was accused Wednesday (Dec. 9) of kidnapping and raping a couple that police said he carjacked less than 24 hours after shooting Gold.

Cain, 21, is jailed on a $6 million bond. 

Euric Cain confessed to shooting Peter Gold.
Euric Cain confessed to shooting Peter Gold.

Now NOPD investigators say video and DNA evidence links Cain to the couple’s kidnapping and rape less the day after the shooting.

Cain was booked Wednesday with two counts of first-degree rape, two counts of second-degree kidnapping, two counts of armed robbery and two counts of carjacking in connection with the couple’s attack, reported Nov. 21 at 3 a.m.

The victims in the two incidents are not connected other than by Cain being accused in the crimes.

In Gold’s shooting, prosecutors said Cain was the man captured on video surveillance robbing and attempting to kidnap a woman around 4 a.m. Nov. 20 in the Lower Garden District. New Orleans police said Gold, 25, attempted to intervene in the crime and was shot in the stomach by Cain.

Cain has pleaded not guilty to the shooting. NOPD investigators said Cain is the man seen on a chilling video sequence shooting Gold in the midsection and then attempting three times to shoot Gold in the head, only to have his gun jam.

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  1. I only wish this poor kid knew what to do. Even after he was shot, the shock of being hit most likely kept him on the ground. Also notice the gun jammed and the shooter..sorry, scumbag rapist, didn’t even have an opportunity to fire since his gun jammed.
    Which brings me to another point…even after the criminal subdued Peter, he stopped his attack on the woman because it wasn’t going exactly to plan. The psychology of a predator is simple – prey is supposed to act a certain way and the attack is supposed to go as expected. When that doesn’t happen, their thought process gets short circuited and they break off.

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