• @damian You made my night over here at 32:57…HA HA HA.

    Excellenet podcast! I keep learning more & more!

  • I asked “someone” and “someone” told me the jackets will not protect against edged weapons, but “maybe by next spring.” Every vest I ever wore would protect against edged weapon, except the ice pick in the back I got to try one night. The vest let it through, but not enough to do serious damage. The jackets II and III will not slow a slashing…[Read more]

  • Jerry posted an update 2 months, 4 weeks ago

    @damian A question? Does a punch-stop to the shoulder (that temporarily disrupts an attack) have any greater advantage as an opening defense, as compared to a direct palm heel strike to the chin or face that will do more damage form the get-go? I appreciate others thoughts. Thx…..Jerry

  • @damian Awesome! I envisioned all this aswell before I made that “click”, but I truly didn’t expect to expand that fast. Thanks to you & my mentor Instructor Hutchings, the SDC is skyrocketing in Lebanon & about to shine in the Middle East.

    Always Forward…


  • @damian Question: In Module 12, would the Japanese reverse attack work while on ones back?

  • @damian I forgot to mention that this man was truly in the black ops. I have never seen anything like this before and I’ve been exposed to all kinds of martial arts, mma and I got deep into boxing. The moves he did came so natural to him, as natural as a boxer’s punches come natural to a boxer. The only issue is he obviously didnt go into depth…[Read more]

    • Start with module 1 – go through the drills and hit as hard and as fast as you can. When it feels like you can do it without thinking (you can even arrange for an instructor to watch you do it) move to the next.

  • @damian Hi Damian, God bless you and thanks so much for this amazing program. Forgive for advertising another product but as you said in your intro video, I definitely want to learn. Fightfast.com sells this great DVD called “Secrets of Black Ops”. I’m sure you’ve come across it and watched it, and I have not yet compared it to your Black Ops. So…[Read more]

    • Anthony,
      I have to be honest here, Fight Fast has made a good penny coming up with a story and creating a video.
      Do you have the instructors name? I highly doubt he even served in the military or was a member of any “Black Ops”. A note you should make, the guys who do “Black Ops” don’t call it that.
      Finally as far as training “with” animals.…[Read more]

      • Okay I will follow your instructions for sure. I don’t have his name because the guy in the dvd wants to remain anonymous. But I hope you one can take a look at the video because it seemed very realistic but with your background I am sure you would be able to discern way better than me whether his style is for real and you would be able to tell…[Read more]

  • @damian Hi Damian and thanks for the inspiration and all the great material.

    I’m new here and have a question relating to defense / blocking.

    I understand that the main idea is to establish distance and attack first while your opponent is shifting his weight (moving towards you).

    However, sometimes, either due to the environment (very close…[Read more]

  • Jeff Sharpless posted an update 3 years ago

    @damian Simple question…Is the Chin Jab the same as the Tiger Claw?

    • Well, yes. The only difference is the distance you are from your target when you execute the technique. The Chin Jab is used when you are 6 inches or less away from your target. The Tiger Claw is used when you’re 6 inches are more away from your target. In a fight, you will not think about it.
      Good question Jeff.

  • SDTS Legion – Happy New Year – remember if you have a question please post it with @damian and I’ll answer. I want to share all questions with the group so we can all learn together.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Damian to you and yours and wishing you all safety, success, and good health for the coming year!

    I continue to train “low-high, high-low”…[Read more]

  • Hi Damian @damian

    How are you doing?

    Have you got any future programs planned for SDTS?

    Kind Regards

    • Hey Andy – the SDTS is complete and there will not be an SDTS2. There might be supplemental training drills but for the most part – I would really like to simplify it further.

      Beyond that I will be posting some older programs in the vault that are included in the Elite Program.

      Finally, my plan for the SDTS is simple…make it the…[Read more]

  • Hello , mr. @damian , how are you?

    Since I started training , my mind changed completely. I’m talking about profound changes of paradigm ! I started with some doubts and was a bit skeptical before I decide by SDTS . But as soon as I started to analyze the combat theory that supports the method and started training , I had to throw away almost e…[Read more]

  • @damian Hello Mr. Ross. As I was logging in to my account, it was hard to see where to type in my login account as well as my password because it was blank when I saw it. Does that happen to you when you try to log in as well? Hope to hear from you soon.

  • @damian Enjoying 60 Minute Self Defense! It is simple and to the point. I look forward to continued instruction from your self defense training programs.

    • Just wanted to say ‘that’s awesome’, @steve-9, and ‘welcome aboard!’

    • Thanks Steve! And that’s right, it’s supposed to be simple. The first time I started learning this stuff there was a moment where I’m like…it can’t be that easy, but it is that easy. Then when I saw it work for me…I was a little pissed I didn’t start it sooner. But once you start looking through that SDTS lens, you can break everything down to…[Read more]

  • @damian I’m looking to download Module 12 Study Guide and I can’t find it. Do you have it?

    • I’m just finishing up with module 2 now but I think in light of all the recent events taking place weapon offensive and defensive tactics are imperative and I’m going to skip ahead and start work in module 8 and 9.

  • Jerry posted an update 3 years, 6 months ago

    @damian “Preparation”, through the SDC, increases our sense of control by building brain templates for tried and true action IF ever needed. Somebody else said, “We do not rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” There is no better foundation to fall upon, than the tested skills that Damian and his…[Read more]

  • @damian Working my way through module 1 right now everything seems to be going well so far. I’ve always wondered what Bruce Lee meant and how to go about it when he said whoever controls the centerline of his opponent controls the fight. This really cleared that up for me and simplified positioning, distance, balance, and footwork in a way that…[Read more]

    • Thanks Dallas – it’s all about momentum and balance!!! One thing to remember (and you can thank @bernie Mchpherson for this) the more forward movement you have, your size actually increases. Force = Mass x Acceleration. The more you accelerate, it increases your mass adding greater force to your attack.

    • @bernie pointed this out to me in a conversation.

  • Well, it’s a banner day for The Self Defense Company. We just passed 50,000 likes on Facebook.

    That is both deeply humbling, and pretty amazing. Congratulations @damian :)


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