About me

Hello, my name is Nate. It is difficult to briefly summarize my whole character, so instead some brief back ground, current duties, and some prospect for the future is all I’ll cover.

Simply, I’ve never stood for, nor stood by to bullying in any sense. Long story short, I had to learn real quick what worked and what didn’t when confronting bullies both larger than me, and in groups. This led to some undocumented trials of my skills by being young, reckless, and looking for trouble.

I did join a dojo, and studied mixed martial arts, and was very successful at it. I combined my reckless experiences and intensity with a new found application of respect, practice, discipline, and technique. This back ground has come to serve me well to stay out of real danger over the years, only adding to my environment growing up in a police household, having many close family members and friends in various military branches, personal study, research and practice, firearms safety and tactical courses, and the list could continue from there.

I am currently a security officer working in the private sector. I am excited to have found the Self Defense Training System, and am extremely excited for the honor and privledge to be an instructor!