We let people from 15 to 50, 5 feet to 6 foot 6 try out the Bodyguard Switchblade Bulletproof Backpack for the first time and this is what happened (except for Self Defense Company Founder Damian Ross…he’s tried it a lot).

Watch the short video to see what happened….


Saddle River, NJ – The Self Defense Company announced today that in July, 2018 it will launch the Bodyguard Switchblade – the fastest backpack (converts to vest in less than a second) with the most protection (60% more are coverage area than the best selling bulletproof backpack) and with the highest protection rating (NIJ 3A standard or 3+ with ballistic plate add on).

Self Defense Company founder Damian Ross said, “We’ve been developing this product with our team in Israel for the last 8 months. We needed something that will work under stress and that will provide the wearer the MAXIMUM protection.”

The Self Defense Company is going to start taking pre-orders for a discount in July for delivery August 1, 2018.

The Switchblade at a glance…

  • Converts into a bulletproof vest in less than a second with the single-pull, QUICK DRAW action
  • Offers full torso (front, back and side) protection (60% more than the competition)
  • Certified NIJ level 3 A protection standard (3+ optional)
  • Front and back plate carrier
  • Twaron™ aramid fiber ballistic material
  • Fits heights 5′ (24cm) to 6’6″ (31cm)
  • Non-metallic
  • TSA approved
  • US Patent Pending

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Switchblade Blk Bg

  1. grhutchings 9 months ago
    Member Since: 08/04/13

    This is amazing. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

    • theselfdefenseco Author
      theselfdefenseco 9 months ago
      Member Since: 10/10/18

      Soon enough…still got some work to do here.

  2. Bry 9 months ago
    Member Since: 08/30/17

    It’s sad to say that this is what the world has come too… but since it has— this is going to be the best there is! Outstanding!

  3. Aaron 9 months ago
    Member Since: 11/02/18

    I actually had this idea shortly after I got off of active duty in 2003. However I had neither the knowledge, skills, contacts, or resources to develop it and bring it to market.

    Great job on making this happen!

    • theselfdefenseco Author
      theselfdefenseco 9 months ago
      Member Since: 10/10/18

      Thanks Aaron – it’s set to launch in about 2 week – wait until you see how this performed at the range – it was awesome.

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