“Because Some Things Are Said Better with Lead.”

The Self Defense Company recently released the Knuckle Duster Course,the definitive guide to brass knuckles, sap gloves, fist packs and blackjacks.

Thought too brutal for police work, these little weapons of mass destruction will wreak havoc on any would be attacker.

They can be easily concealed, deployed and mastered with very little practice.

The advantage to using these self defense tools is that they increase the weight and strength of your hand. By doing this you increase the power of your strike EXPONENTIALLY. This enables you to cause more damage in a much shorter amount of time.

The Knuckle Duster Course includes:

  •  Lifetime Access: One Payment gives you access forever
  •  Brass knuckles: Killer combinations that your attacker won’t see coming
  •  Sap gloves: Discover how these innocent looking gloves can cause SO much damage
  •  Fist Packs: How to knock your attacker out with a roll of quarters
  •  Blackjacks: Too brutal for the police, this thing will get the job done (and then some…)
  •  Detailed Instruction: We’re going to show you how to conceal and deploy these brutal weapons
  •  Training Drills: You’re going to get step-by-step, practice at home instructions.
  •  24 – 7 Coaching and Support: You’ll get around the clock, on demand instruction from our team of certified instructors

To learn more visit: https://pages.myselfdefensetraining.com/knuckle-duster-course


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    Very nice 👊

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