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Self Defense Training System™ Reviews

Listen to what people just like you are saying about the incredible power of the Self Defense Training System™!

What people say...

    • The Best
      Thank you so much for what you do and this course. I have bought other courses in the past trying to find the right one for me. I finally found it when I purchased your course.

      I truly agree with the reviews made before that the course is really great, no nonsense or show effects, focused on reality and what works for average people who are not Bruce Lee, and the instruction is well done in order to follow the covered material easily. I also would like to thank Damian and I am happy that I have choose his courses and I like to learn more. I also like that he is straight to the point and has a realistic approach, paired with his huge experience it makes me feel confident to get the best techniques for self defense. And a reasonable approach, which is very different to the many self claimed "experts" who just need an audience for their macho ego. The progression of the classes are also well balanced, so all together a top product for a reasonable price. I really can recommend it.

    • Great close combat system
      I love the SDTS, it's simple, effective self defense. No spinning back kicks or fancy gymnastics, just simple and effective techniques for ending a violent encounter.

    • Awesome
      For years I have been looking for a course like this and glad I become an elite member. As a Marine I have enjoyed the library as well since a lot in there is Marine Corps manuals. I have been to dojo's and they just don't teach what you need in everyday life to defend yourself or family. Looking forward to the life time of membership. Do you know of any cheap place to get mats and Bob?

    • OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!
      Just had to write and say I do not know how such a fantastic course, that is so well put together and presented can be sold for such a very reasonable price!. I have learned so much and am looking forwards to learning a lot more. Sadly, as far as I know, there is NOTHING like this in the UK. That will change when I hopefully get my certificate. I truly believe that anyone no matter what there age, sex or physical capabilities can benefit from this course. A very big THANK YOU to Damian for taking the time to put it together. I hope one day we can meet and I can thank you in person. Phylip in Devon England. This is my true opinion and no offer of gain was made for me to leave it.

    • Into Unit 2 and still waiting on B.O.B
      Liking the way the program is set up - makes it easy to learn and view over-and-over again to help burn the moves into one's mind. The "demonstrate/explain" and then "drill" video sections are awesome and the "Guide" PDF's for each section are extremely helpful. The only way to actually absorb this stuff is to live it, though. I'm eagerly awaiting the delivery of "B.O.B" so I can begin practicing the actual moves on a realistic target. I'm among the group who has always relied on constantly "packing" for self-and-family protection, but I always knew in the back of my mind that I was sadly lacking for a "Plan B" in any situation where I either couldn't GET to my gun in time or I simply didn't have it AT the time of an attack. Damien's system fills this hole admirably. I would suggest this course for ANYONE regardless of sex/age or physical condition. Having mastered and being able to effectively USE this information when you really don't LOOK like Billy BadAss would come as a massive shock to anyone who tries to victimize you. Get it. Learn it. TRAIN it until it's second-nature. That's what I'm going to do (and I suggest YOU do, too!).

    • Good Foundation
      Good Materials . Need to Review all Materials over and over again until I Learn the Moves well and it Beats Going to a Martial Arts School and I know better what to do when Some one Threatens to Kill me or Hit and Attack me and other People tell me this Person can Hurt me or that Person can Hurt and my Brother in Law Wanted to break my Fingers or Put me in the Ground and your ground Fighting System will give me a Better Idea if another Brother in Law Looks to Hurt me but The First Brother in Law Died but this System is Great for me and I can Look and Practice these Drills until I Get Fully Trained to Defend myself Correctly . I am Just getting Started . Thank you Damian. Ronny Romano

    • Works
      It simply works. I trained for about two weeks or so and used one of the moves from the first video on a much bigger person. It came out like instinct. No thinking, just reacted and it stopped him. I didn't think it would work that well myself but tried it and knocked him back. I have used a few other moves, mainly the takedowns and they have worked too. Easy to train, easy to set up a "dojo". Better than the karate, boxing, and aikido I took for years.