Barrie, Ontario – Self Defense Company Instructor Nick Ossorgin (Self Defense Company Santa Fe, New Mexico) made the long, cold trip up to the Great White North to attend SDC Master Class Training with Self Defense Company Head of Instructor Development George Hutchings.

The three day mini-camp included all level 1 through 5 Instructor Certifications, business building and coaching as well as creating action plans and  road map for the coming fiscal year.

Learn more about the Master Class HERE <<

Contact Instructor Ossorgin for training HERE <<

To become a Self Defense Company Instructor go HERE << 

  1. 3 months ago
    Member Since: 10/10/18

    solid! downright exceptional! congrats brotha!

    ~Nate the Norseman – Level 3 SDC Instructor – “Embrace challenge”

  2. Sean Duffy 3 months ago
    Member Since: 12/06/18

    Congrats Nick!! Way to represent the Land of Enchantment! Looking forward to great things out there. Way to go!

    Self Defense Company of West Michigan

    • Duane 3 months ago
      Member Since: 12/18/18

      Congratulations Nick.

  3. Kip Marsh 3 months ago
    Member Since: 06/15/18


  4. K Wayne Neil 3 months ago
    Member Since: 01/08/19


  5. 3 months ago
    Member Since: 01/15/19

    Well Done! Keep up the Good Work!

  6. Frank Gatto
    Frank Gatto 3 months ago

    Very cool Congrats!!!!

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