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Self Defense Isn’t a Martial Art, Sport or Style…It’s an INSTINCT and I’d like to show you exactly how to unlock it.

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The Elite Training Package turns the dial up to 11.
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Your FREE Trial will instantly unlock:
  • Module 1 Essential Self Defense $97 value

    Set your rock solid self defense foundation with this all important first step. We show you exactly how to practice and follow through with the entire program.

  • Module 2 Advanced Strikes $97 value

    Discover how to knock anyone out cold with the softest part of your hand and turn every surface of your body into a weapon of mass destruction, giving you endless confidence and knowing you've got it under control.

  • Module 3 Ground Fighting $97 value

    This vicious system is designed to teach you how to avoid going to the ground and safely escape from any position, even if your attacker is twice your size.

  • Module 4 Defense vs Grabs $97 value

    Survive any situation with close range self defense tactics from the front and back, teaching the the step by step way to stop any attacker at a moment's notice.

  • Module 5 Escape and Evasion $97 value

    A deep dive into techniques designed to help you create enough space no matter your bodyweight or current fitness level allowing you to escape from much larger, stronger and multiple attackers

  • Module 6 Body Conditioning $97 value

    Turn your body into a piece of stone-cold iron, even if you haven't trained in years. Using ancient combat training you can't find anywhere else, you will be the one everyone fears, even if they don't know it yet.

  • Module 7 Combat PT $97 value

    You're a warrior, no matter how long it's been. In this module you'll learn the system designed for the worlds most lethal protectors and how to condition your body into a lean, lethal fat burning machine without stepping foot into a gym.

  • Module 8 Weapon Defense $97 value

    Warning: the dojos won't teach you this system that has been used by those whose lives depended on it. You'll know exactly what to do when faced with a knife, club or firearm in any situation.

  • Module 9 Weapon Offensive Tactics $97 value

    Fighting with a knife or stick is not flashy or pretty, yet it is designed to teach you how to brutally punish your attacker anywhere, anytime.

  • Module 10 Combat Takedowns $97 value

    Don't make the rookie mistake that can end your life -- using takedowns made for sport. In this module we'll reveal the exact takedown methods you can use to drop your attacker to the ground while you stay on your feet.

  • Module 11 Old School Weapons $97 value

    Learn exactly how to use the most common found tools and turn them into lethal weapons. Whether it's a blackjack, knuckle duster, straight razor or bag of quarters -- these weapons are easy, cheap and deadly as ever if you learn this simple system.

  • Module 12 Quick Kills $97 value

    Discover the methods no one wants to show you including sentry removal, neck dislocations and every method known to end a life with your bare hands.

  • Guardian Weapon Retention $69.00 value

    Never lose control of your firearm again with this complete weapon retention system (for both hand guns and long guns).

  • Reality Check $28.00 value

    Nine defenses for Nine Common (and brutal) attacks

  • Guardian Police Combatives $197.00 value

    The complete non-lethal use of force program for law enforcement including scene control, arresting, cuffing and compliance.

  • Protector: CSI $49.00 value

    Helping citizens provide tactical support law enforcement in their community.

  • Combat Jujutsu $97.00 value

    Discover how to turn your grappling skills lethal.

  • Core Combat Training $97.00 value

    Extreme training for combat fitness

  • Family Safe $28.00 value

    This is how to help your 5 to 12 year old child to stay safe.

  • The Fundamentals of Unarmed Combat $97.00 value

    This is the HOLY GRAIL self defense video. In this video close combat legend, the late Carl Cestari explains the reality of self defense as no one else can.

  • The Vault: Ground Fighting $97.00 value

    Carl breaks down the primary positions on the ground as no one else can.

  • The Vault: Advanced Street Fighting $97.00 value

    Discover lesser know fighting techniques from the late Carl Cestari

  • The Vault: Defense Against Grabs $97.00 value

    Carl shows you the quick and the deadly in extreme close range.

  • The Vault: Bare Knuckle Boxing: $97.00 value

    Carl shows you how to effectively use punches correctly in the street.

  • Self Defense Company Library

    Hundreds of our of print and hard to find books and manuals.

  • 24-7 Coaching and Support

    From certified, on call instructors.

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Pat Campbell – Radio and Podcast Host, KFAQ, Tulsa on Dec 23, 2015

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This is the stuff every cop needs to know.
DtLt. Ed Kane USR Police Department on Apr 04, 2019

“I’ve used this program since 1997 and I’ve seen this training work first hand on the job. This program is a big part of what I teach at the academy.”

Every day thousands of people of all ages are fitting self defense into their hectic lives…and this is how they’re doing it.

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