Too Old or Injured for Self Defense?The ugly truth is you would rat – The Self Defense Company

Too Old or Injured for Self Defense?The ugly truth is you would rat

Too Old or Injured for Self Defense?The ugly truth is you would rat

Too Old or Injured to Learn Self Defense?

Fact: If you’re older, injured and appear to be weaker you’re most likely to be targeted.

Damian Ross, The Self Defense Company

Just like you see on the Discovery Channel – Predators Attack the Weak.

So when you tell me that you need to get in shape before you start learning self defense –  you’re telling me you’re either lazy or ignorant.

Because real self defense increases your survivability regardless of your physical condition.

You’re most likely to be attacked when you’re injured…even if your Top Gear’s Richard Hammond

If you’re lazy, well I can’t do anything for you.  The ugly truth is you would rather sit on your ass than save it.

And for that, I thank you.

Because if it wasn’t for people like you, there would be no willing victims for the wolves to enjoy. On behalf of my family, training partners and the thousands of SDTS Members the world over…thank you for your sacrifice!

But if you’re ignorant, it just means you don’t know the truth about self defense and I blame myself for not getting this message across.

First of all, the reason you think you need to be in shape for self-defense is that self-defense has been linked to martial arts since the first little black belt bowed his head. Martial arts demand that you have some sort of physical ability to participate. This is partially what martial arts is all about- overcoming obstacles, both physical and mental to achieve a better you.

On the other hand, self defense is a tactical response to violence using all methods at your disposal both “fair and foul”. It less to do with the journey and everything to do with the result.

“Ironically, you postpone training because you don’t feel 100%, but this is the time you need to prepare.”

Self defense has layers different tactics are used to help you compensate for lack of size, strength and physical ability.

The woman who avoids a group of teens in the parking lot or the 70 year old man who uses pepper spray to escape an attacker are just as successful in defending themselves as the 20-year-old who knocks an attacker out with an edge of hand strike from SDTS Module 1.

Same result – different methods.

It doesn’t matter what you did, or even how you did it.

All that matters is that woman, that 70 year old and that 20 year old survived.

No points for style, just results.

As you go through life your physical ability changes. Your self defense need to adapt to your current state of physical ability, whatever that may be – if it doesn’t then it’s NOT self defense.

If you can’t go to BJJ because you hurt your shoulder, it isn’t really self defense is it? Because if you’re attacked and you can’t use BJJ because of your shoulder than there is something wrong.

I’m not just picking on BJJ, insert any martial art or combat sport there and you’ll run into the same problem.

Self defense demands that you to protect yourself NO MATTER WHAT your physical condition.

In the SDTS Combatives Program you will discover a variety of methods that you’ll adapt to your ever-changing physical skill set.

So when you say that you’re too old, not in shape or injured and can’t start training – you have the wrong impression of what real self self defense is and exactly what WE DO at the Self Defense Company. And I’m here to change that misconception.

Make no mistake, the better shape you’re in, the better off you’ll be, but you need to be in peak physical condition.

The rule at the Self Defense Company is: if you step out your door, you better be good ready to protect yourself.

It’s our responsibility to give you the tools you need to protect yourself and your loved ones NO MATTER WHAT.

There is no doubt that the better shape you’re in, the better your chances of survival, but that doesn’t mean you have to roll over and give up just because you can’t do a push up.

Until Next Time…Train Honestly,









PS. Here’s a novel idea – Why not get in shape, while learning to protect yourself? GO HERE


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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. Great article Damian agreed 100 %. Just because you don’t have to be in shape to defend yourself using tactics from the SDTS (since they will work at least somewhat effectively regardless of physical condition or ability) doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t exercise and make it a goal to at least be in the best shape you can possibly be in. For one thing the stronger and better conditioned you will be able to deploy the tactics more effectively especially the empty hand stuff that depends more on physical ability. Not to mention all of the other health and wellness benefits that come with being fit and in peak physical condition and all of the possible ailments, diseases, and maladies that can come with poor health and an unfit body. Maybe you can be an unfit fatass and still be able to defend yourself from that home invader, rapist, carjacker, or serial killer who intends to do you harm and possibly kill you, yet that lurking ticking time bomb known as heart attack, stroke, or complications from diabetes is still just as much a threat to you as before and could wipe you out at any time. The end result is ultimately the same you will still die soon( or at least much sooner than you otherwise would have), whether the means of you getting there are the end result of another human’s actions against you or natural causes. So not invest some time and effort into working out and improving yourself physically as well as learning self defense tactics and help prevent both sources of early demise, both human and natural causes and more importantly enjoy a happier and healthier quality of life while you are alive.

  2. Great article. Age will get us all eventually, and the flashy Katas you did in your teens and twenties, forget it. You better keep your Combatives skill set sharp your entire life.

  3. I found an added bonus of discovering the basic and easy to learn self-defense moves; I became positively charged, in a sense, to believe in more of what I am able to do rather than what I am unable to do. A little learning yields a lot of positive motivation. This by itself is totally worth the effort. It is now as if the rest also becomes a bonus. Each supplements and supercharges the other.

  4. You’re the first self-defense trainer I’ve seen focus on this issue. I tried to convince a krav maga instructor years ago about having a lower-paced, more simplistic (yet effective) training course for older people, but he had no interest. Too bad … that’s one of the times in one’s life it is most needed. I’m 6′, 215 lbs., and 59 years old. I know I can’t keep up with the 20- and 30-year olds in a street fight, but it would be nice to have some basic abilities to have them thinking twice as to whether they want to proceed or not should a confrontation arise.

  5. I began “martial arts” at ten years old from an adult that had been a Golden Gloves Boxing champion back in the day. Before I was 20, I had begun and studied Kodakon Judo, Shotokan Karate, and Nikyu Jujitsu. However, when I joined the Law Enforcement organization after I turned 21, I found out that each of these was an “art” and “sport.” Although I continued martial arts for several more years, I began learning and later teaching combatives as an LEO. Now, years later, I teach SDTC to “more seasoned” men and women. Thank you, Damian and George, Carl C, Fairbairn, O’Neill, and others for bringing self-defense back into the streets and out of the matted dojos. L-5

  6. I have never killed a human. Why? I have never been in a situation where I could have or should killed a human. Could I, or would I, kill a human? Yes! I say that because in today’s world, I, as an older white male, am looked upon as easy prey. I am trained in killing, humans. I hope I never have to use my skills. I am accused of being a sheep dog. I will not stand by and watch sheep die. I do not need a weapon. I can use my hands. I know that, reaching for a weapon, could be my last move. Some times, there is no time to reach for a weapon, so the hands have to do the killing. I always leave home prepared, for whatever, and hope…no action will be needed. But if it is, I am ready.

    1. Great Comment Victor. I, too, pray you never have to use SD. However, it is better to have it and not need it than to … L5

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