Operation Phoenix: The Science of Killing


“If you kill your enemy once and you’re sure he’s dead…kill him again and be DEAD SURE.”

WARNING: The content in the program is of an extremely violent nature. If you have moral, religious or ethical objections to severely injuring or worse an attacker who is attempting to murder, rape or assault you or you loved ones, please navigate away from this page now.

(please turn on the volume)

In the summer of 2006 we created an extreme lethal combatives course for our elite team of instructors. The program was designed to give our instructors the SUPREME advantage in the street.

We called the program OPERATION PHOENIX. A concentrated street fighting course that includes ONLY the most lethal and dangerous empty hand, edged weapon and impact weapon methods but gave them the science behind it. In short, it was THE USER’S MANUAL for lethal techniques.

As fate would have it, less than a year later, my instructor passed away and the instructor program was disbanded and this course was put on the shelf and completely forgotten…until now…and it’s too valuable keep all to ourselves…but we don’t want everyone to have it.

That’s why for a limited time I’m only allowing a handful of very serious minded people lifetime access to this incredibly powerful program.



Operation Pheonix

“This is the fighting style I wish I was taught at the Academy. Not as a means of affecting arrests of course, but as a means of surviving that (potentially) final encounter.” – James K.

“Amazing content!! Six years of Shotokan karate, and this really opened my eyes. Always a student it seems. Brilliant!! – Markus S.

“Very impressive. This guy knows exactly what he is doing.” – Ola S.

“Man, some really good stuff here! Damian, you really took some for the team with Empty Hand Tactics for Mr. Cestari!!! – Dylan M.

“I’ve been studying this and teaching it for a while now and I make certain the student knows this is a “last resort” or a “Code Black” moment and not to be used in a “schoolyard” fight after school. – Oral (OK) N.

This “KILL BY NUMBERS” Program Will Give You the EXACT Science, Tactics and Method Behind The Science of Killing…

That’s Why We’re Only Allowing a Few People Full Access.
OPERATION PHOENIX, the “Assassin’s Handbook,” will ONLY available for a limited time.

The Operation Phoenix Syllabus:

  • Target Area Analysis: Discover the science behind the most lethal target areas on the human body and how to exploit them.
  • ​Central Nervous System Attacks: These methods SHOCK the brain, causing it to short circuit and cut out.
  • ​Ocular Shock Techniques: “Fight enders” that overload the central nervous system.
  • Spine Assaults:​Tactics to compress, crush and dislocate the neck and spine.
  • ​Symmetry Attacks: A series of core combat techniques that can be used from both the front and the rear.
  • ​Methods of Asphyxiation: Combative attacks to the target’s airway.
  • ​Blood Organ Disruption: Techniques that rupture blood saturated organs causing severe drop in blood pressure, internal bleeding and death.
  • ​Concealed Impact Weapons: Flat Sap, Black Jack, Palm Sap methods that completely surprise the enemy.
  • ​Quick Kill Knife Fighting: Lethal edged weapon tactics that will terminate the target in seconds.
  • Course Completion Certificate

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There are Absolutely NO Refunds, NO Returns, NO Trials and NO Nonsense with this Program.

Failure to make a payment or if you issue a chargeback you will be disavowed and blacklisted from The Self Defense Company for life.
All sales of Operation Phoenix are final. I don't want tire kickers and people who will not respect this information to have access. So if you're "just curious"...please...GO SOMEPLACE ELSE. This is NOT for you.

I have given STRICT instructions to customer service NOT to answer any questions or comments about the content of the program.
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Operation Phoenix

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