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Police Training Pack™

“To Really Save Lives, You MUST Think Beyond Your Gun Belt.”

Now, More than Ever the Good Guys need these Cutting Edge, Non-Lethal, Use of Force Tactics Specialized for Security and Law Enforcement that are so Simple and Effective
You can Learn it NOW and Use it TONIGHT.

(…and you don’t need to be a multilevel black belt, MMA cage fighter to do it.)




FACT: Any interaction with the public can prove fatal, however the vast majority your contact rarely requires lethal use of force. Unfortunately the primary focus of your continued training after the academy is heavily focused on deadly use of force, while your non-lethal skill set (the ones you use every day) are largely ignored and deteriorate at an alarming rate. 

This creates a huge problem that you see in EVERY headline and viral video (and it’s not your fault) – officers are more likely to use deadly force too soon, creating a massive liability for the officer, the department as well as post traumatic stress. THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT – you will always fall back on your training, and if your primary focus is your firearm…that’s where you’re going to go when the situation escalates.

Fortunately, a lot of this can be avoided if you have confidence in your non-lethal use of force skill set.

And until now you had only two options.

Wrong Option 1 – The local martial arts studio. 
A local, non-vetted instructor teaching any variety of methods that may or not be effective or meet the use of force guidelines for your department or agency. Furthermore you might get injured in training forcing you to miss work. Finally, you will eventually miss class. Studies show that the average adult who starts martial arts will quit after the first month. And without consistent reinforcement, whatever you learned will be lost in a matter of weeks.

Wrong Option 2 – The Seminar 
The problem with this learning format is that you’ll forget over 90% of what you learned just a few days after the event. Without consistent repetition, your mind will delete it and after a few days everything you learned will be lost.

>> The ONLY Option that WILL meet YOUR needs must be….

  • Accessible from anywhere on any device
  • Easy to learn in small increments
  • Simple tactics that you can master quickly
  • Adaptable to your current physical skill set and level of fitness
  • Present low risk of injury in training
  • Tactics from over a century of research of law enforcement and warfare
  • Require zero time away from work and family

Your BEST Option is…The NEW Police Training Pack – it Checks EVERY Box.
It’s the only practical way to maintain and develop your non-lethal skill set to meet the rigorous demands of your job while giving you the supreme advantage in the field.

*The Police Training Pack is currently being adopted by departments and agencies in the US and abroad as the continued education and training curriculum for non-lethal use of force. 

Let’s face it – who you once were, is not who you are now or the person you’ll be tomorrow – however even though you will change – the demands of your job remain constant. The Police Training Pack will show you how to adapt your current physical condition to meet the rigorous demands of your work.

The selected programs in the Police Training Pack are from the Self Defense Training System –  the result of over a century of research and development of modern warfare and use of force situations. This system works best during your fight or flight response because it leverages a set of core combat skills that are simple and easy to execute under stress – giving you the greatest chance of success and survival. 

The Police Pack can be accessed from any where, on any device as often as you wish. The tactics and techniques are simple, easy to master in a short amount of time with minimal practice.

Tactics covered in the Police Training Pack include…

  • CRASH Method of Scene Control
  • Verbal De-escalation tactics
  • Empty Hand Use of Force Training
  • Essential Combatives Techniques, Tactics and Drills
  • Non-lethal Compliance and Come Alongs
  • Combative Subject Take Downs
  • Non-lethal Submissions
  • Weapon Retention for Handguns and Rifles from All Positions
  • Methods of Arresting, Restraining and Cuffing
  • Team Takedown Strategies and Drills
  • Ground Fighting Methods
  • Proactive and Reactive Defensive Tactics

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The Police Training Pack Includes :

  • Guardian Police Combatives $297
    Scene Control, Come-alongs, Arresting, Retraining, Cuffing, Weapon Retention, Team Take Downs, Primary Close Quarter, Non-Lethal Tactics 

  • Protector CSI $97
    The advanced police training course.

  • Guardian Weapon Retention $97
    Intensive weapon retention training from all standing and ground positions for hand gun, rifle and shotgun.

  • The Combatives Fast Course $149
    Essential close combat training for advanced operators. 

  • Combat Jujutsu $197
    Advanced ground fighting specifically for security and law enforcement. 

  • 24-7 Certified Instructor Support
    Available right on the training platform

  • Course Completion Certificate

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If purchased separately – this programs would cost you $837, but because we want “the good guys” to have this valuable information NOW its only 12 low payments of  $19.95 or one single payment of $197.

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“A Few Moments of the RIGHT Training is worth more than a lifetime of the WRONG training.”

This Promotion Ends…

"Lack of a Confidence in Your Non-Lethal Use of Force Skills
Makes You a Liability - NOT an Asset!"

When a situation goes south….officers make mistakes because they are poorly trained in these non-lethal tactics. Because of this you are MORE LIKELY to go to deadly force too soon - but it’s not your  fault… you were TRAINED to do it. After the academy, most officers rarely practice non-lethal use of force skills. The training focus is usually on qualifying with your firearm or getting certified on a new piece of equipment, while your non-lethal skills are largely ignored.

This creates a condition that forces you you “go to the gun belt” too soon. When your Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) is activated you will fall back on what you’re most comfortable with, and if your primary focus on is using your firearm - that’s exactly what you're going to do.

Like the old saying goes - “If all you had was a hammer, everything in the world would look like a nail.”

A poorly trained officer is a liability.

“Most officers don’t shoot out of hatred, they shoot because they’re afraid.” - Seth Stoughton - The Atlantic Article “How Police Training Contributes to Avoidable Deaths”

This lack of confidence when interacting with the public has cost municipalities and security companies millions in law suits because officers lack confidence in their interpersonal violence skill set. Poorly trained officers are more likely to escalate use of force too quickly because they’re in fear for their own safety.

Plus, the phycological damage and stress on the officers and their loved ones, can't be calculated because the vast majority of these officers are good people who want to protect and serve, not injure and kill. 

Without the correct continued training in non-lethal use of force, every day you’re losing confidence in your ability to do your job and increasing your chances of doing something, that, deep down - you want to avoid. 

The Police Training Pack is the only practical way to maintain your non-lethal skills because it can be accessed from anywhere, on any device as often as you wish. The tactics and techniques are simple, easy to master in a short amount of time with minimal practice. So over time you can develop and maintain these critical, life saving skills. 

Thank you for stopping by and I'll see you on the inside.

Damian Ross
Founder, The Self Defense Company


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Normally $837, now only 12 low payments of $19.95 or one single payment of $197.

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"A Few Moments of the RIGHT Training is worth more than a lifetime of the WRONG training."