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Police Training Pack™

“To Really Save Lives, You MUST Think Beyond Your Gun Belt.”

Now, More than Ever the Good Guys need these Cutting Edge, Non-Lethal, Use of Force Tactics Specialized for Security and Law Enforcement that are so Simple and Effective
You can Learn it NOW and Use it TONIGHT.

(…and you don’t need to be a multilevel black belt, MMA cage fighter to do it.)


FACT: Any interaction with the public can prove fatal, however the vast majority your contact rarely requires lethal use of force. Unfortunately the primary focus of your continued training after the academy is heavily focused on deadly use of force, while your non-lethal skill set (the ones you use every day) are largely ignored and deteriorate at an alarming rate. 

This creates a huge problem that you see in EVERY headline and viral video (and it’s not your fault) – officers are more likely to use deadly force too soon, creating a massive liability for the officer, the department as well as post traumatic stress. THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT – you will always fall back on your training, and if your primary focus is your firearm…that’s where you’re going to go when the situation escalates.

Fortunately, a lot of this can be avoided if you have confidence in your non-lethal use of force skill set.

*The Police Training Pack is currently being adopted by departments and agencies in the U.S. and abroad as the premier continued education and training curriculum for non-lethal use of force. 

The Police Training Pack Includes:

  • Guardian Police Combatives $297
    Scene Control, Come-alongs, Arresting, Retraining, Cuffing, Weapon Retention, Team Take Downs, Primary Close Quarter, Non-Lethal Tactics 

  • Protector CSI $97
    The advanced police training course.

  • Guardian Weapon Retention $97
    Intensive weapon retention training from all standing and ground positions for hand gun, rifle and shotgun.

  • The Combatives Fast Course $149
    Essential close combat training for advanced operators. 

  • Combat Jujutsu $197
    Advanced ground fighting specifically for security and law enforcement. 

  • 24-7 Certified Instructor Support
    Available right on the training platform

  • Course Completion Certificate

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“A Few Moments of the RIGHT Training is worth more than a lifetime of the WRONG training.”

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