"Get Live, Private Instruction From the Comfort of Your Own Home with a Certified, Expert Instructor for $1 per Minute." 
What You Get for Your Dollar:
  •  Private, online lesson from a certified Instructor
  •  Get as many minutes as you want and break them up as you see fit
  •  A  plan of action based on  your needs and abilities
  • A course of action that fits your schedule
  •  No one needs to come to your home, one click and start

"I highly enjoy my training sessions! My Instructor was extremely thorough in his approach & finding out what my goals were in contacting them. He made the session enjoyable & impactful; letting me know what to expect from him. On the spot, he mentally devised a game plan that he envisioned would take me where I wanted to go in the shortest amount of time.  Being a fitness studio owner, it's important to save time & learn as much as possible to help enhance my business. So I scream "THANK YOU" Instructor Hutchings  for your expertise, knowledge, & caring heart!

I greatly look forward to our future sessions! 
Best is ahead! Blessings..."

Smiley Elmore Jr, PhD 
Smiley Elmore Jr, LLC 
Owner, Smiley's Champion Fitness
Or Choose a Monthly Membership for the BEST VALUE
  •  Includes SDTS Elite Membership
  •  No Contract or Monthly Minimum
  •  Priority Booking
One Lesson Per Month $65 Per Lesson
Two Lessons Per Month $60 Per Lesson
Four Lessons Per Month $57 Per Lesson
"Great session today! It just reinforces what I discovered last year - the importance of the right mentor. As promised, I will get to work and practice the techniques and have taken note of my Instructor's advice."
Peter Robson - Spain
"I have done several martial arts styles and karate with a few instructors and I have learned more in just few months about self defense than ever before."

Andy Moller - South Africa

Check out the Private Training Room Video Below....

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After you book your session...
This is What Happens Next...
1. Instructor Selection
You will be matched with a level 3 or above certified Self Defense Company Instructor
2. Instructor Contact
Your instructor will reach out to set up a time for your training session. 
3. Set a training date. 
After you set your date, your Instructor will send you the link to the online training room.
4. Take Off!
Get ready to accelerate your skills even faster than before. 
The training room works on both desktop and mobile for the following browsers:
  •  Chrome 45 or later
  •  Firefox 38 or later
  •  Safari 11 or later
  •  Opera 32 or later
Meet Some of Your Instructors Below...
When it comes to Surviving Real World Violence...WE ARE THE EXPERTS.
Below are some of our Self Defense Company Instructors  (over 50 and growing)...
Instructor Damian Ross
  •  Self Defense Company Founder
  •  Three Black Belts
  •  Division 1 College Athlete (Wrestling and Football - Lehigh University)
  •  Former Bodyguard and Bouncer with Conceal Carry Permit in NJ, USA
  •  Nationally Ranked in Judo and Wrestling
  •  Certified Coach, Trainer and Instructor
Instructor Mario Karam
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 3
  •  US. Marine with Black Belts in Krav Maga/USMC MCAP
  •  Department of Defense Contractor
  •  Head Self Defense Instructor at Lebanese American University
Instructor Dennis Daroczy
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 5
  •  Former SEAL Team Operator and Trainer
  •  Commercial Pilot
  •  Counter Terrorism Instructor
Instructor Bry Galgansky
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 3
  •  Former Law Enforcement
  •  Defensive Tactics Instructor
Instructor George Hutchings
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 5
  •  Head of Self Defense Company Instructor development
  • Black Belt and Krav Maga Certified Instructor
  •  Muay Thai Instructor
Instructor K. Wayne Neal
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 1
  •  Firearms Instructor
  •  Professional Bodyguard
  •   Security Officer Registration Act (SORA) Certified
Oral "OK" Neal
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 3
  •  Law Enforcement Officer 36 years (ret)
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor
Instructor Kip Marsh
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 5
  •  U.S. Marine
  •  Paramedic
  •  Black Belt Kenpo
Instructor Nick Palumbo
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 5
  •  Law Enforcement Officer (Retired)
  •  Black Belt Aikido
  •  Defensive Tactics Instructor
Instructor Darren Poesel
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 5
  •  Lt. Col. U.S. Marines
  •  Senior Advisor Blackwater
  •  Senior Intelligence Officer
  •  Infantry Intelligence Officer 
Instructor Jim Nichols
  • Self Defense Company Instructor Level 5
  •  U.S. Army Combat Veteran
  •  Black Belts in Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu
  •  10 Years in Ohio Army Reserves
Instructor Delmus Pinkston
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor 
  •  U.S. Army Infantry
  •  Head of Nightclub Security - Switzerland
  •  Head of Campus Security - Switzerland
Instructor Steve Drake
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 5
  •  Black Belts in Jujitsu and Karate
  •  Instructor Punishment and Correction Centre in Abu Dhabi
  •  Instructor Security Industry Authority United Kingdom
We teach violence because we know violence. 
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