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This System Will Give You The Exact Techniques You Can Use To Teach Your Loved Ones Exactly What To Do In A Moment Of Crisis So You Can Rest Easy Every Night...

Have You Ever...

  • Felt anxiety around how your children would respond in a moment of crisis?
  • Dropped your kids off and said a prayer for their own personal safety?
  • Wanted to have real life conversations with them around violence but didn’t want to scare them?
  • Experienced a another sleepless night with another tragedy and school shooting, never knowing if your child could be next?

If you answered yes to any of the above, keep reading.

The Truth Is 85% Of People Who Commit Crimes On Children Are Familiar To Them

That means that it’s possible someone in their current circle, whether a coach, clergy, authority figure, teacher or simply an adult is a candidate to harm your child.

These days, it’s hard to trust the people that interact with our children on a daily basis outside of our own homes.

This is isn’t about teaching your child to beat up an adult, trust me -- anyone saying they can teach that is full of it due to the simple nature of an adults developed strength and power.

However, with our FamilySafe system, your child will know exactly how to identify who or what may be a threat and know the simple, effective ways to leave threatening and escalating situations and get to safety.

Empower Your Children To Know Exactly How And When To Identify Breaches Of Trust And Safety

From: Damian Ross - Founder of The Self Defense Company

RE: The Family Safe Self Defense Starter Program

Dear Fellow Protector,

Let’s face it, the world we live in right now is as dangerous as ever.

As a Father, I know firsthand the importance of teaching my children practical skills and action steps they can take in a moment of crisis.

Because they spend as much time, if not more outside of my own home and knowing that they are empowered and can recognize threatening situations allows me and my wife to rest easy...

Although you and I pray something will never happen, in an ever-changing, dangerous world, that’s impossible to say with certainty.

Most parents and schoolteachers teach children about stranger safety, yet it’s extremely limited and leaves out the most vital, important signs every child needs to know.

We’ve all experienced threats in our youth before, and I remember once, when I was in 4th grade and a car full of adults pulled up next to me and my friends, asking us if we needed a ride.

Me, being the consummate wise-ass, ended up yelling “F&CK NO!” and we all ran to school.

Yet, when I came home I didn’t tell my parents..

Because I was scared of getting in trouble for swearing at an adult.

And that’s why it’s important for us as adults to open up the communication about the dangers of the real world…

Because our kids will be exposed to it in other people’s homes, at schools and in their daily life.

Violence is here to stay and is a fabric of the world we live in, whether we choose to accept it or not.

Not so we can scare our kids or have them live in fear, but quite the opposite…

To empower them to be able to easily identify compromising situations and develop the skillsets and mindsets to find safety.

And all it takes is a few conversations, teaching them our system and practicing from time to time.

They won’t teach your children at the local dojo or Martial Arts school, you can count on that.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside Family Safe Self Defense

I designed this system to give you everything your child needs that can’t be found anywhere else while keeping it incredibly simple and fun to learn and teach, including:

  • 6 essential rules for your kids to follow to avoid familiar sexual predators.
  • The skills to identify and avoid potentially dangerous situations and people.
  • How to escape bullies swiftly and easily without panicking.
  • A plan to escape a home invasion to teach your family.
  • A plan of action if you're ever separated in public so everyone remains calm.
  • Skills to escape from larger, adult attackers your children can learn easily.
  • A protocol for locating safe, trusting strangers
  • A way to communicate with your children about the realities of violence without alarming them.

...and so much more, but don’t wait, your children’s safety is worth your attention by clicking the button below to receive instant access.

"The Family Safe Program is completely interactive and kept my daughters' attention through the entire program. As a father of two growing girls I can rest a little easier knowing that they can spot danger and execute a plan of action before it's too late. The Family Safe Program is a must for everyone."

Greg Strepeikis Accountant and Father of Two

"The unexpected benefit for me about the Family Safe Program was that it showed me how to discuss these topics without using shock and awe. Now I know how to talk with my son about predators both young and old. I especially liked the psychological component incorporated into the system.”

Dr. Jay Jorgensen and Family

"I walked in expecting to watch my child learn karate or some other martial art. I didn't realize how extensive and informative it was for my kids and my husband and me. Now we can protect ourselves as a family unit, not individuals."

Jennifer Mildner and Family


A Hall of Fame Athlete, trained firefighter, and holder of 3 black belts, Damian Ross launched The Self Defense Company in 2007 after nearly two decades of training a select groups of people in what would become The Self Defense Training System. Over the years, Secret Service Agents, Federal and Local Police, Military Agents, and members of the Famed NYPD have traveled thousands of miles and paid top dollar out of their own pockets just to train for an hour with Damian.



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