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Have you ever...

  • Felt a knot in your stomach as you hear about another mass murder or school shooting?
  • Stayed up at night with the thought and worry of an assailant doing something to someone you love and you being a helpless victim?
  • Felt sick and tired of feeling like you wouldn’t be able to protect your loved ones in an emergency?
  • Wondered if, given your current knowledge, you had the tools you need to truly protect you and your family?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you’ve
come to the right place.

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Mass Murders. Theater Shootings. School Violence. That’s The Reality Of Life In 2016.

Life in 2016 is dangerous, I don’t have to tell you that.

Simply turn on the news and you're virtually guaranteed to hear of a new tragedy, threat and force that could impact the way we live and the ones we hold near and dear to our hearts…

Now exclusively available for the first time, Protector CSI was designed by joining forces with Law Enforcement to develop a revolutionary training to help keep our families and communities safe in world of chaos.

The truth is…

Our law enforcement is overwhelmed and outnumbered these days.

It is going from bad to worse and I’m not going to sugar coat it…

There are simply not enough police to protect us, we’ve done the math for you.

Warning: It’s Going To Get Worse Before It Gets Better

There are 856,000 active cops on any level in the U.S. against:

1,400,000 street gang members

5,300,000 people with felony records

...and an unknown number of terrorists sworn to destroy the life and freedom you and I hold so dear.

Cops are out numbered by criminals 8 to 1.

Now, if only 3% of us stepped up, we would even the playing field and if you take this responsibility seriously, Protector CSI is for you.

We Are Building An Army Of Powerful Protectors And We Want You!

From: Damian Ross - Founder of The Self Defense Company

RE: The Protector CSI (Citizen Support Initiative) Program

Dear Concerned Citizen:

Every day, when I walk my kids towards the bus stop, I am letting them into a
world that I can’t control.

I can’t control what happens in schools and movie theaters, and the endless threats you and I receive daily and that are most cherished people are exposed to.

However, there are things we can control, and that’s what Protector is about.

I want to ask you a simple question:

Are you a Sheep or a Sheepdog?

Since you’re on this page, I’m assuming you’re a Sheep Dog and we need people like you more than ever.

Make no mistake…

We are at war, and what I’m about to share with you is something most people would rather not think about because they aren’t like you and I.

This is your wake up call…

It seems that every month some other atrocity is committed against innocent, defenseless people and the time has come to do something about it and you and I are here to help.

I’ll be honest...what you’re about to discover isn’t a sport or an art, it’s a system designed out of necessity to save the lives of cops and soldiers in the worst environments in the world.

All you need to learn are the core basics of a system proven to work…

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Here's Exactly What You'll Get When You Order Now And Receive Lifetime Access CSI Protector:

This system was designed from the ground up by joining forces with law enforcement to teach you everything you need to learn in the comfort of learning from your own home, including:

  • Methods of Crowd Control
  • Instigator Separation Techniques
  • Team Arresting Techniques
  • Come-Alongs
  • Handgun Retention
  • Long Gun Retention
  • How to Communicate with Law Enforcement

...and so much more, available to you for the one time low price of $19.00

Life is busy and time is a premium! This site allows you to train at a time that meets your schedule, and at an affordable price within the comfort of your home or anywhere with an internet connection. Here you can train with Master Instructor Damian Ross 24/7/365. This site is for anyone from the beginner to the experienced instructor that has the need for the most realistic and effective Self Defense Training in the world. In all my years of training I have never had so many resources at my fingertips as you will find on this site, as a user I give it 5 out of 5 stars. If you are looking for convenient, accessible and affordable Self Defense Training, come to the inside, the Self Defense Company Family is waiting for you!”

JD Nichols SDC Combatives Instructor, Winchester Ontario

"I have taken many different type of martial arts over the years and nothing compares to The Self Defense Company when it come to real life, on the street, self defense. There are no points to win and no time to think when someone is attacking you. You have to be instinctive with your actions and that is exactly what you will learn with this program. This is the best self-defense program out there. Definitely a five star rating!!"

Brian Cowee Self Defense Training System Member

"I have been searching for the best training to deal with close quarters combat situations for civilians, The Self Defense Company is built on solid research, field testing by the military, and uses the sciences of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and forensic science. One good example is Damian's continued urging to stomp forward and aggressively take ground. As an exercise physiologist, this makes perfect sense. Here's my nerd part: Force equals mass times acceleration. Lifting your forward foot, moving your mass forward with speed increases your net mass. Force is increased: you hit harder! And, as you accelerate your strike - edge of hand, elbow, knee, foot stomp or other technique - you multiply your force. The Self Defense Training System is the best I've found!"

Bernie McPherson Professor, Hawaii Pacific University - 13 years US Army Ranger (ret) and a Self Defense Company Elite Member

Simply click below to receive lifetime access at $19.00
and become the lethal protector you were made to be.

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A Hall of Fame Athlete, trained firefighter, and holder of 3 black belts, Damian Ross launched The Self Defense Company in 2007 after nearly two decades of training a select groups of people in what would become The Self Defense Training System. Over the years, Secret Service Agents, Federal and Local Police, Military Agents, and members of the Famed NYPD have traveled thousands of miles and paid top dollar out of their own pockets just to train for an hour with Damian.


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My wife told me I was crazy when I offered this, but to me it’s a representation of the life-changing tactics we teach with Guardian Weapon Retention that can’t be found anywhere else.

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