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  • Felt sick and tired of feeling like you wouldn’t be able to protect your loved ones in an emergency?
  • Felt that you don't have time to think about taking self defense or martial arts classes or felt confused as to where to start?
  • Worried about an assailant doing something to someone you love and you being a helpless victim?
  • Wanted to be the person anyone can rely on to take charge in an emergency situation?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you’ve
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Give Me 60 Minutes And You’ll Know More About Self Defense Than Most Black Belts Will Ever Know

Here’s the raw truth...

You don’t have to be big, strong or fast or spend years working your way up the belt system in martial arts to protect you and your loved ones from the countless predators out there.

In fact, you’ll spend thousands of dollars and endless hours at the local school, yet they won’t teach you "real world" techniques outside of the classroom.

We’ve never lived in a more dangerous time and you can either be like 99% of people who don’t take responsibility…

Or you can be the person who everyone looks up to when, not if, a crisis occurs.

Reality Check was designed to give you a proven method of self defense to protect, survive and thrive against your worst case scenario nightmare.

By harnessing the power of the body you already have, combined with our method of hand to hand combat, you can defeat anyone, anywhere, at any time..even if you’ve barely trained and have encountered an aggressive, experienced attacker.

Self Defense So Simple That You Can Master It In A Fraction Of The Time It Takes To Learn A Martial Art

From: Damian Ross - Founder of The Self Defense Company

RE: The Reality Check System Can Save Your Life

Dear Fellow Defender:

I’ll be honest...what you’re about to discover isn’t a sport or an art, it’s a system designed out of necessity to save the lives of cops and soldiers in the worst environments in the world.

This system isn’t fancy, doesn’t involve some long winded tradition and isn’t complex or pretty, but...

It works and has been proven to work on normal guys just like you.

See, the rise of MMA and guys like Jason Bourne have made people believe that they need to undergo countless hours of pain, sweat and tears to become lethal protectors...

When the truth is…

All you need to learn are the core basics of a system proven to work.

The Reality Check system is designed to teach you the lethal skills you need and can learn in a few minutes a day…

Because the peace of mind that comes with knowing what to do in a crisis is priceless...

And for a limited time, this course is available to you at a rate you will never see again.

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Here's Exactly What You'll Get When You Order Now And Receive Lifetime Access To Reality Check:

This system was designed from the ground up by me and my buddy at the Police Academy to include everything you need, all in the comfort of learning from your own home, including:

  • How to Defend Against a Sucker Punch
  • How to Survive a Car Jacking
  • How to Defend Against a Brutal Headlock
  • How to Knock a Man Out with an Umbrella
  • How to Survive Multiple Attackers
  • What to do if someone puts a Knife to your Throat
  • How to Escape a Ground Pin (no matter how small and weak you think you are)
  • How to Defend Against a Prison Style Knife Attack
  • What to do if Someone Grabs You in the Street

...and so much more, available to you for the one time low price of $14.

“Having been trained in combatives with special forces, MMA, Krav Maga and a lifetime of wrestling, the training and teaching techniques embedded in SDTS Combatives are the most intuitive, effective and comprehensive I’ve ever experienced in my 15 years of service. I highly recommend this method of self defense for anyone regardless of their age or experience.”

John Poerstel Contractor, US Department of State. US Army Captain Airborne, SFAS Graduate, Certified Level II Combatives

"I’m a Black Belt and I’ve been in my share of fights. The SDTS taught me things I never even conceived. It’s an awesome training system and there is nothing out there like it. Trust me, give it a shot and you won’t be disappointed.”

Danny Bonaduce TV Personality, Radio Host

“I want to thank you for selflessly providing this information. The first module was in-depth and concise at the same time. I even enjoyed reading the literature. We implemented the drills. The information has allowed for us to enhance our Applied Defence Systems (ADS) program. These valuable tools and combat principles have increased the realism and value of our self protection system. Wisdom = Knowledge + Experience – Module One incorporates it ALL. Thank you for selflessly sharing these gems with the world.”

Reuben Bean Black Belt Instructor, Bermuda


A Hall of Fame Athlete, trained firefighter, and holder of 3 black belts, Damian Ross launched The Self Defense Company in 2007 after nearly two decades of training a select groups of people in what would become The Self Defense Training System. Over the years, Secret Service Agents, Federal and Local Police, Military Agents, and members of the Famed NYPD have traveled thousands of miles and paid top dollar out of their own pockets just to train for an hour with Damian.

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My wife told me I was crazy when I offered this, but to me it’s a representation of the life-changing tactics we teach with Reality Check that can’t be found anywhere else.

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