Quick Black Jack Combination

Quick Blackjack Billy Club Combination

Here's a quick video of me working a combination with a Black Jack Billy Club from SDTS Module 11 in the Elite Training Program....

Empty hand techniques are the LOWEST level of self defense and are actually a last resort. In order to protect yourself and your loved ones to the best of your ability - you should be prepared and ARM yourself when ever possible. That being said - if you carry a weapon - you better practice with it. No one would ever go into battle with an untested weapon.

In the Elite Program we show you how to use (and practice) dozens of concealed, close combat weapons included the BLACK JACK.

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  1. Little different than the black jacks I used to see in the old days. And the restriction of use was one of the first “Restricting Law Enforcement” attempts pulled off by leftists in the 60s. Sadly I was oblivious to the Socialist undercurrent of these things back then. And I have watched as some states took effective tools from LEOs while also passing laws that restricted the citizen from defending themselves. In fact same states also restrict the use of any tool that can be used for self defense, this Black Jack, Mace, Pepper Spray. All non lethal and effective.

  2. I still have my blackjack and if you remember we use to use the Sap Gloves filled with steel balls,they work great,you punch someone with them on,their not going to get back up

  3. The first two strikes took out the enemy by breaking the collar bone on both sides. After the 3rd and strike to the face the enemy is really no more. And should you find yourself on the ground these little bad boys take the knees and ankles out real good!

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