Rape on Campus – Exposing the College Cover Up

Rape on Campus – Exposing the College Cover Up

I have been teaching Self Defense since 1996. Over the years we have given many self defense seminars and training to colleges and corporations across the country but nothing beyond a one or two day training session.

We all know that a self defense seminar is a START but in order to really reap the benefits there must be continued education or most everything will be forgotten in 6 weeks. Well when you follow up with the institution to incorporate self defense into their culture the reaction is always the same – WE DON’T WANT PEOPLE TO THINK IT’S DANGEROUS HERE.

It’s all about protecting the business and if you haven’t heard COLLEGE is BIG BUSINESS. This film exposes the systematic denial that is built into campus procedure and the position of obstruct and deny that protects athletes and other students.

The independent film HUNTING GROUND https://streamingmoviesright.com/us/movie/the-hunting-ground/ attacks this cover up head on.

The time has come to accept that violence is real and it’s happening all over. Even at our highest institutions of learning, young women are being assaulted and raped while university staff are participating in victim blaming and obstruction.

Am I “blowing this out of proportion?” In my opinion ONE is TOO MANY but violence occurs frequently on campus and ANY institution should have this information readily available in accordance with the Clery Act. The problem is (as the film exposes) a lot of young women are being discouraged from even reporting it.

Check out their site: https://streamingmoviesright.com/us/movie/the-hunting-ground/.

The film is has a very limited release and a small following. I hope you can share it and draw people’s attention to it.

It’s time to stop covering up and start fighting back.

Train Honestly,

Damian Ross

The Self Defense Company

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  1. rapists are better treated & tolerated in this society than  their victims, it’s still always the woman’s fault

  2. Veronica1965 There are two things we need to change – the “blame the victim” and the idea that “you can’t fight back”. Both are morally and statistically WRONG. 

    If I hear another person use the comment “she was lucky” when referring to a women successfully stopping an assault, I’m going to lose my mind. 

    It’s not the woman’s fault and 87% of the time you will successfully stop it. That’s oppose to the 0% chance if you don’t resist.

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