SDTS Member Spotlight Ed Kizun: Inspiration Personified

SDTS Member Spotlight Ed Kizun: Inspiration Personified

Hi, my name is Ed Kizun and I am an SDTS Elite member

It seems some of you need a strong-shot of morale. Look, I’m no big deal, ok?  I was born with cerebral palsy, and with a strong Mom and other family members, wrestled in high school, graduated college and accumulated two master’s degrees, tutoring history and economics.  All this before I gave up driving after three right eye surgeries, a stroke at 42, and cervical spine surgery in 2014.

I also earned my third degree black belt in ninjutsu, and despite intense rehabilitation, am pretty much in a wheel-chair. 

That did not stop me from taking up SDTSWhy? 

I like a worthy challenge.  It pushes me on. SDTS is simple, direct, to the point.  It’s much more than some martial art.  It’s an aggressive mental mind-set.  I’m at this point in life have little use or sympathy for “whiners,” “excuses,” etc.  Sure, we all get down here-and-there, but let me ask you a question:  You only live once in this current life.  Whether you’re “normal,” single, married, crippled up from something, so what?  Maybe most of your ‘friends’ are gone, busy, whatever.

Each day when I awake I can see, feel, pet and feed my cat look out the window, see the birds.  Drink coffee.  I do some SDTS, modified calisthenics, modified stretching.  And I know I must be vigorous, aggressive.  Face it, whether it’s true self-defense ( like SDTS) or whatever, with the time you have  left on this earth, you must live your life wisely, redeeming the time and avoid negative and energy-drainers like the plague! 

Ed Kizun
SDTS Elite Member

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  1. Ed, you’re a real tonic. I served in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines and your mind set is so much the same. You have my greatest admiration. I am coming up to my 68th birthday and have just joined as an Elite member of SDTS. The whole ethic is inspiring. Way to go!

  2. Ed, we have been friends for 30(?) years, and you have been our example of a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, our solid Rock. I cannot recall any complaints during our phone conversations or occasional visits, and have tried to follow that example. Thank you for your prayers during the past several months when Paul walked thru the valley of the shadow of death. Blessing and love, Carole

  3. I am proud to have you and others as fellow SDTS Elite members! God Bless you Ed for your courage, determination, and commitment to personal safety! We understand that we cannot depend on government, laws, police, gun free zones, PC school policies, and other worthless political safety promises! In fact, WASHINGTON, June 27, 2005 – “The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the police did not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm, even a woman who had obtained a court-issued protective order against a violent husband making an arrest mandatory for a violation.” Fox News report some cops defend their failure to intervene in violent situations as their right to go home safe based on this ruling.

    We know many cops will face the gates of hell to protect us, but we do not know which cop will show up, or take their time, or wait outside in their car while violent murder is taking place in OUR home!

    Our safety is a personal responsibility!

  4. Ed, I know this is an older blog post (what can I say…I’m playing catch up). But you are a real inspiration and an awesome example of what SDTS does for people. The more I immerse myself in this system the more impressed I am with it. Thanks for your positive attitude and outlook, and for sharing your story!

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