Observe and Report.

People are puzzled as to why three Seattle Transit Security Guards stood by while a 15 year old girl was mercilessly beaten by another girl. And the reason is much simpler than you think…and it’s really NOT their fault they stood by.

Let me explain…

Forget what you think about their actions, the fact is these security guards DID EXACTLY WHAT THEY WERE TOLD TO DO. 

After dealing with literally thousands of security guards through DOZENS of agencies I can tell you their policy is simple – OBSERVE AND REPORT. 

You are not allowed to INTERVENE or USE FORCE OF ANY KIND or you will not only lose your job, YOU WILL BE HELD LIABLE. That means if you use force in any manner you are out of a job and if you get sued you’re on your own. 

This is because security companies and the insurance companies that cover them insist that this policy is in place because THEY DO NOT WANT TO SPEND MILLIONS ON LEGAL FEES to protect their security guards. 

Let’s flip this the other way…

Suppose those guards intervened and the attacker decided to PRESS CHARGES for whatever reason…those security guards would have been fired and left out there to pay for their own legal defense.

Imagine what the media would say then??? “Security Guards Manhandle Helpless Teen Girl”

Then you would get every law enforcement authority talking about “OBSERVE and REPORT” policy. 

The bottom line is this these guys were in a lose – lose situation and they stuck to their policy. 

At the end of the day YOU ARE LEGALLY allowed to defend yourself and intervene. As a security guard you waive your right to self defense…IT’S NUTS!

This is just another example of the hole we have dug ourselves into when it comes to self defense. 

“We want you to help, we want to protect – but we don’t want anyone to get hurt.” 

Well…you can’t have one without the other. 

Train Honestly, 



  1. Anonymous 9 months ago

    I am a security officer and i never waived my right to self defense.

    • Author
      theselfdefenseco 9 months ago
      Member Since: 01/24/18

      Anonymous posts are not take seriously.

      Besides, even if what you’re saying is true, it just means that your agency is one that does not have an OBSERVE AND REPORT only policy.

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