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BOB never stood a chance. Self Defense Company in Frankenmuth, MI.

The Self Defense Company is now open for business in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Instructor Bry Galganski is currently teaching the Self Defense Training System in private and semi-private classes.

“The training is awesome and much needed” said one participant. “I’m leaving with so much more confidence.”


Bry is one of many SDC instructors globally.




If you’re in the Frankenmuth area and you want to learn cutting edge self defense, please contact Instructor Galganski

by email: Bry Galganski selfdefensefmuth@yahoo.com 

or facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theselfdefensecompanyoffmuth/


Find an Instructor Near you  HERE <<<<

Train LIVE online from anywhere in the world go to the LIVE TRAINING CENTER HERE <<<

Discover how to be a Self Defense Company Instructor HERE <<<

  1. George 1 year ago

    Awesome job Bry. I knew you were gonna crush it. Be sure to check Bry out if you’re in her area.

  2. Lisa 1 year ago

    Definitely crushing it, Bry! Great job!

  3. Bry Galganski 1 year ago
    Member Since: 08/30/17

    Thank you everyone!

  4. Stephen Webster 7 months ago
    Member Since: 08/17/18

    Great job Bry!!

  5. Bry 7 months ago
    Member Since: 08/30/17

    Thank you stephen!

  6. Phil 4 days ago
    Member Since: 08/28/13

    Now I have an even better reason to go to Frankenmuth than just chicken dinner.

  7. Ed 3 days ago
    Member Since: 02/23/16

    Keep going Bry!

  8. Dr. O. K. Neal 3 days ago

    Why to go, Bry. Keep up the good work. Shine

  9. Dr. O. K. Neal 3 days ago

    should have been “Way to go”

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