Self Defense Classes in Frankenmuth, Michigan

Self Defense Classes in Frankenmuth, Michigan


BOB never stood a chance. Self Defense Company in Frankenmuth, MI.

For the Last 2 years, Instructor Bry Galganski has been representing The Self Defense Company in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Instructor Galganski is currently teaching the Self Defense Training System seminars, and private and semi-private classes.

“The training is awesome and much needed” said one participant. “I’m leaving with so much more confidence.”

Bry is one of many SDC instructors globally. She’s extremely active in her community holding classes and seminars weekly. 

Instructor Galganski is a certified Level 3 Instructor, a former police officer and and expert in women’s conflict resolution.

You can train with Bry in person in the Frankenmuth area or here online. 

You can contact Bry on Facebook HERE:


For Information on becoming a Self Defense company Instructor, Go here:


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  1. You’re an inspiration Bry! I love reading about you and I have written down one of your quotes! :)


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