Self Defense Classes in Alabama

Self Defense Classes in Alabama

Meet Self Defense Company Instructor Oscar Francis "Chip" Broome Jr.                               

Let's say Chip is a little familiar with hand to hand combat - this former Marine has served and studied Martial Arts for over 30 years, from Paul Vunak's Jeet kune Do to Krav Maga. 

"I was a skinny kid growing up and was a soft target.  Getting beat up was a "normal" thing that I just dealt with on a regular basis. Finally, after high school graduation, I joined the Marine Corps. You could say that from that point forward, self defense and protecting others was extremely important to me."  

Instructor Broome continue to study and body build (you can see he's not that skinny kid any more). Then in 2016, he discovered the Self Defense Company...

"I fell in love with the Self-Defense Company back in 2016 and decided to become an instructor of the Self Defense Trining System because I know it works. It's the fastest way to prepare anyone to protect and defend. The Self Defense Company Instructor Program has given me the tools to be able to instruct others to defend themselves just as quickly. In my experience, you don’t need a black belt, and it shouldn't take you two years to learn enough self defense to save your life. The moment you take any Self Defense Company course you will be able to protect and defend from day one."


Instructor Broome is in the Muscle Shoals, Alabama area and is already forming classes and taking on private students. Please contact him on social media for more information.

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