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Instructor Brown (left) with Guro Sonny Mayo.

Instructor James Brown is a  computer technician for the City of New York by day, but on nights and weekends, he’s a Self Defense Company Instructor holding classes in New Your City and

Instructor Brown’s expertise doesn’t end there…

  • He’s a certified 4th  Dan with the International Combat Hapkido Federation, cert#10179312.
  • A certified black belt 1st Dan in traditional hapkido by World Kido Federation, cert#07-1-776.
  • He’s also an an assistant instructor and the third highest ranked student at the NY Combat Hapkido Club under Grandmaster Alfred Medina.

Instructor Brown has also studied and practiced traditional jiu-jitsu, Chinese kickboxing and Doces Pares Arnis.

He’s been training and studying martial arts for the last 20 years.

The reason Instructor Brown chose the Self Defense Company was simple. ”

I chose to associate with the Self Defense Company because I believe that most adults want to learn how to defend themselves but they either not willing or don’t have the time to devote to a full time martial arts curriculum.  I believe this is the quickest way for adults to learn the skills they need in the shortest amount of time.”

Instructor Brown is another excellent example of exactly who we attract to the Self Defense Company – experienced, successful martial artists who understands the difference between art, sport and survival.

To contact Instructor Brown regarding Self Defense Classes in New York City, click the button below.

  1. James899 2 months ago
    Member Since: 06/28/19

    Thanks for the intro Mr. Ross. I hope to do the program proud.

    • Anonymous 2 months ago

      I’m glad you found us James.

      • Author
        Damian Ross 2 months ago
        Member Since: 05/08/19

        It’s Damian… for some reason it didn’t log me in….

  2. Jim H 2 months ago

    I know Instructor Brown,and he is a Very Dedicated Martial artist and teacher of Realistic applications of Self defense. He has MANY Years of Martial arts Training and s how to employ what works on the street. If people in NYC seek an Instructor who is dedicated to what works, please seek out and Find Instructor James Brown.

    • Author
      theselfdefenseco 2 months ago
      Member Since: 05/08/19

      Thanks for posting Jim, we’re excited to have James on the team.

  3. Barbara J Segeti 2 months ago
    Member Since: 06/17/19

    I never thought NYC would have anything for me. But dag, I wish I were near NYC!!!

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