Self Defense Classes in Orlando, Florida

Self Defense Classes in Orlando, Florida

Self Defense Training System™ Classes now forming in Orlando, Florida

Instructor Tim Cherry is not stranger to violence and public service. As a retired Police Chief with over 23 years of service he has dedicated his life to helping others.

But Instructor Cherry is no ‘One Trick Pony’…

He’s also an Equine Dentists and Vet Tech with over 20 years experience in practice plus he’s been teaching at an Equine Dental School for the last 7 years.

Now, he’s setting up shop to teach the SDTS and the rest of the Self Defense Company Programs in Orlando, Florida.

I chose the Self Defense Company for my training and affiliation after I reviewed the website and follow up  conversation. I felt reassured  that the organization was very professional.”

Instructor Cherry at a glance…

  • Retired Chief of Police. 23 yrs Service.
  • Director Of Church Security, 5 yrs.
  • Equine Dentist/Vet Tech, 20 yrs. 7 yrs teaching at equine dental school.

You can visit Instructor Cherry on Facebook HERE <<

You can also send him an email: tcherry.equident9112@gmail.com

Learn About the Instructor Program Here

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