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Self Defense Classes in San Bernardino, Ca

Self Defense Classes in San Bernardino, Ca

The Self Defense Company is Proud to announce it’s the newest instructor Jashawn Jones, now holding classes in San Bernardino, Ca.

A story of setbacks, triumphs and determination.

Instructor Jashawn Jones – aka Jae Shon grew up in the 80’s and 90’s in a tough gang neighborhood near the border of Long Beach and Compton, Ca. Violence was commonplace, and I found myself on the wrong end of it.

Instructor Jones recalls, “In 5th grade my best friend and I were attacked by a group of high school kids on our way home from school. They started sexually assaulting my friend, I tried to defend her, but I was knocked down and pounded by a barrage of punches and kicks.

I still remember watching them rip the clothes from her body – I fought as best as I could, but they were too big and too strong.

Finally, a neighbor responded to the cries for help and the nightmare ended.”

But it didn’t end for him – ever since that day he needed to be BIGGER, FASTER and STRONGER. He wanted to be Bruce Lee.

“If only I could fight like him, I would have saved her. I imagined myself kicking the CRAP out of those guys.”

So from that day on he was on a quest to learn anything  could to defend himself. First he started checking out Martial Arts at the library and practicing in my backyard

and “occasionally” on the bullies at school.

Eventually he was introduced to Japanese Jiu-Jitsu by a group of Muslims who had a martial arts club at Compton Community College.

Unfortunately, his hardcore Christian parents didn’t approve of him spending time with a group of Muslims.

Not to mention the fact that he came from a family of boxers. His late great cousin Mac Foster once fought the legendary Muhammad Ali.

Since his parents refused to pay the tuition to “officially join”, my Sensei agreed to let me train with them for free.

However, he couldn’t advance without the tuition and he had to be there every morning at 5am sharp.

“I soaked up as much knowledge as I could all the way until high school when they eventually moved the school to a local Mosque.”

Then in high school Jae Shon wrestled for 2 years and continued Martial Arts training once in the military.

“While stationed in San Diego I was able to train in Boxing, Submission Wrestling, Muay Thai, and Military Combatives. However, during my service I was in a horrible vehicle vs pedestrian accident due to a drunk driver who lost control of his vehicle. It took me two years to fully heal my body and step back into the fight game.”

After my service, he continued training in boxing with the late Buddy Bereal and the late Charles Williams, two great boxing coaches who taught him the old school methods of boxing and bare knuckle brawling.

He also trained Muay Thai under Kru Lee McDermott and Khmer Kickboxing under the Cambodian Legend Master Oumry Ban.

Eventually he became the Boxing and Muay Thai coach for the Brazilian Top Team in Long Beach a title that was bestowed by Kru Lee and

Professor Marcelo Perdomo. However, the dreams of his entering the Octagon like my fellow teammates once again came to a crashing halt – literally!

“I was in yet another accident while riding a motorcycle on the way to teach my Muay Thai class. My back was never the same and I eventually ended up in a wheelchair for two years.

I lost everything and for the first time in my adult life I felt weak.

I felt like that skinny little kid that was on the ground getting pummeled by a bunch of high school kids…and I was NOT going to let that happen again…

I ignored all six of the doctors that told me that I would never walk again – and eventually – I proved them wrong.”

It has taken 7 years to regain his life, health, and strength. “And now I’m working every day to improve my skills as a warrior.”

“But, this time around my dreams are different. I don’t have any narcissistic desires for UFC glory. I want to use my abilities to help people. People who may feel weak or helpless; people that have been victimized the predators of our society; people who want to feel secure in their own neighborhoods. This is why I chose to join The Self Defense Company. To be able to teach people a system that will allow them to defend and protect themselves regardless of their age, size, or physical ability. This is my new dream, my new passion, my new hope.”

Instructor Jones at a glance…

  • U.S. Navy Veteran
  • Survivor of two MVAs
  • International Level Muay Thai Coach
  • MMA Coach
  • Self Defense Company Instructor


It is an honor to have Jashawn on the team.

To learn more about him and to contact him, just click the button below.
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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. Wow, you’ve been through the wars! But that never say die attitude has pulled you through.
    Respect to the strength of spirit in your character that has helped you dig deep.

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