Self Defense Classes in West Pasco, Florida

Self Defense Classes in West Pasco, Florida

The Self Defense Company in now holding classes in West Pasco, Florida

Instructor Palumbo is now holding self defense classes in West Pasco, Florida

Meet Self Defense Company Instructor Nick Palumbo

Instructor Palumbo is a retired law enforcement officer and  a certified defense tactics and mechanics of arrest instructor for police officers. He is also a black belt in Aikido and a brown belt in judo. Instructor Palumbo has also taught and continue to teach Tai Chi and Qi gong .

Over his martial arts career, Instructor Palumbo has owned two martial arts dojos and currently own a personal training studio where the hold martial arts and self defense classes in tai chi, weight training, weight loss coaching, boxing and now SDTS Combatives.

Along with his martial arts and self defense expertise – Instructor Palumbo is a strength specialist and sport nutritionist. He and his team teach one on one, small groups and hold boot camp style training. Instructor Palumbo has been in the fitness business and training for over 45 years. 

Instructor Palumbo chose the Self Defense Company because of wealth of information of realistic training and the amount of support available from my mentor and the founder of the company.

This is by far one of the best if not the best system I’ve looked at and that offers a complete package.

Instructor Palumbo and his team are ready for you and self defense classes are forming now.


To contact Instructor Palumbo visit:



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