Self Defense Company Combatives Featured at Movie Premier

Self Defense Company Combatives Featured at Movie Premier

February 14, 2019 Beirut Lebanon, – The feature film Alita Battle Angel features some techniques that Self Defense Company Members might recognize.

In collaboration with VIRGIN and EMPIRE MOVIES, Instructor Mario Karam Jr and SDTS Student Dina Ibrahim were on hand to demonstrate some of the techniques used in the fight sequences.

As a result Instructor Karam and Ms. Ibrahim were guests at the premiere in Lebanon.

Through his hard work and professionalism, Instructor Karam was able to make this opportunity happen. He is a tremendous asset to the Self Defense Company and a shining example of what it means to be a Self Defense Company Instructor.


To learn more about  Instructor Karam and SDC Lebanon GO HERE <<


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  1. It brings me pride to be a fellow instructor in the ranks with this incredible individual! Kudos @mariousmc @lebanonsdc!

    Check him out via our instructor locator, and even book a training session via our online training portal

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