Self Defense Company Instructor Bry Galganski Promoted to Level 1

Self Defense Company Instructor Bry Galganski Promoted to Level 1

The Self Defense Company is proud to announce that Instructor Bry Galganski has successfully completed all of the requirements and has been promoted to LEVEL 1 Instructor of the Self Defense Training System.

Bry is a wife and mother with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. She served in law enforcement for several years and decided to fall back on her degree to provide for her family. She has trained in Krav -Maga and PPCT and has seen her fair share of violence while in law enforcement.  It was this experience that compelled her to provide self defense training to those who are unaware of what can happen out there. By teaching the Self Defense Training System, she feels she can still give back to my community like she did while on the force.

“Given all of my training and experience I feel the SDTS is the best way to prepare people for this increasingly violent world. ”


Instructor Galganski with her SDTS Combatives Instructor Level 1 Certificate.

If you’re in Saginaw County, Michigan reach out the Bry on FACEBOOK here:


Or just email her directly at bgalgan24@yahoo.com

She’s ready for private lessons, group training and seminars.


You can view Bry’s Installation on the SDC Rank List HERE <<


For more information on becoming a Self Defense Company Instructor follow the link below:


For more information about the Self Defense Training System


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  1. Awesome job Bry. Proud of you. Keep kicking ass. If you’re in her area reach out. Highly recommend her.

  2. Congratulations Bry! Bry’s class is informative and fun, all at the same time! She does a great job and makes sure everyone understands the methods she is teaching. Highly recommended!

  3. Congratulations Ms.Bry Galganski! I hope that you train many good people, and make this world a bit safer.


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