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Instructor Bitar (right) receiving his Level 1 Instructor Certification from Instructor Karam.

Self Defense Company Instructor Elie Bitar has one primary goal…to teach others to protect themselves and the people they love. He’s  lifelong martial artist and like many of our Instructors, has been seeking a real solution to real violence.

This brought him to Instructor Mario Karam at the Self Defense Company. Instructor Bitar immediately excelled at learning the concepts and techniques, so much in fact that he was a certified level 1 instructor in record time.

We look forward to watching Instructor Bitar grow and develop in SDTS Combatives. We’re also excited to see how he will expand the global reach of the Self Defense Company in the months and years to come.

Below is a list of Instructor Bitar’s certifications and accomplishments.

  • Level 1 Instructor: SDTS Combatives, Self Defense Company Lebanon under Instructor Mario Karam
  • 1st degree in Sanshoo referee (2007)
  • 1st degree instructor in MMA.
  • 1st degree instructor in Sanda & Shin-na.
  • 1st degree Self defense instructor.
  • 3 Black belts in Wushu & Kung-fu.
  • Blue Belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu
  • 5th Dan from the international black belt association- USA.
  • Experience certificate from Master Michel Hawi (General Secretary of the European union of Kung Fu).
  • Head judge of Lebanese Wushu federation.
  • Head instructor of “King of Sanda” & “Shin-na”.
  • Ex Head judge of “King of cage” MMA committee Lebanon.
  • Ex Head Instructor of “King of cage” MMA committee Lebanon.
  • Arabic Sanda Kung Fu Championship referee for 2009.
  • Continent Wushu Championship referee for 2010.
  • Assistant trainer, rescuer & Mission deputy chief for the Wushu World championship (Turkey 2011).
  • Ex Chief of MMA Committee of Maten
  • Mediterranean Countries Wushu championship referee for 2013.
  • Arabic Sanda Championship referee for 2014
  • International judge and referee in MMA from the association of boxing commissions- USA 2015
  • International judge and referee from the international Wushu Federation- China 2018
  • Certificate in sports qualification instructor from CIT 2018
  • Member of Checkmate international Brazilian jiu-jitsu team- USA
  • Completed the certification course for First Aid and CPR.
  • Lebanon champion in Kung-fu & Sanda (Chinese boxing) for years 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996.
  • Arab Championship: 2nd place in Sanda (Chinese boxing) on 1992.


To contact Instructor Karam and Bitar visit: https://www.facebook.com/SelfDefenseLebanon/


To learn more about becoming a certified Self Defense Company Instructor visit: https://pages.myselfdefensetraining.com/https-pages-myselfdefensetraining-com-teachselfdefense

  1. grhutchings 8 months ago
    Member Since: 05/01/15

    Always great to see the amazing caliber of individuals joining our team. Welcome and look forward to working with you.

  2. Mario Karam Jr. 8 months ago

    Proud to have you in SDC Elie! Keep pressing forward…

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